Why Brand Visibility is Table Stakes for Mid-Size B2B Industrial

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So…what is Brand Visibility and why is it so important as it relates to the mid-size B2B industrial market? Why do I say it is "table stakes'?

What is Brand Visibility?:

According to SEMrush (a leading SEO and market research company) in their blog post of Aug 2022, “Brand visibility is defined as the proportion of exposure a brand enjoys in relation to its competitors and its industry.”

SEMrush’s blog post further tells us, “…the most well-known (i.e., visible) brand in a space is often the most trusted, whether or not that level of trust is deserved.”

How do we measure Brand Visibility?:

Put in more practical and measurable terms, Brand Visibility can be measured online by a metric called brand visibility percentage.

Say, you have 100 keywords, or topics as I like to call them, that are critical for your business and need to be found by your online buyers. Now, let’s say 20 of those topics are found in the top 3 positions of Google’s search engine return page (SERP) when your buyers search for your important topics. 

Congrats, you have achieved 20% brand visibility. From my experience and research from the B2B industrial market you are doing better than 90% of your competitors and gained a significant advantage for your online marketing efforts in a crowded marketplace.

To be clear, unlike other KPI metrics such as market share, share of search, conversion rates, etc. Brand Visibility is easy to measure and control for all your online channels, search, social, webinars, etc. This makes Brand Visibility an important metric for resource-starved mid-size industrial marketers. Brand Visibility is the building block towards the rest of your online marketing efforts.

What Brand Visibility Is Not:

There are lots of concepts around branding in general. At the highest level is brand awareness … basically, are your industrial prospects aware of your brand? Then there is brand perception. Brand perception is a metric that focuses on not only awareness and reach, but sentiment. Sure, your buyers are aware of our brand. They know it exists. But how do they feel about your brand? Do they like it? Do they hate it? What’s their opinion of your brand? At this point, don’t worry about brand awareness and brand perception. We'll get to that in a bit. Focus on Brand Visibility.

Why Brand Visibility is the best KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for B2B industrial?:

Both brand awareness and brand perception are in your control and outside your control, not to mention difficult to measure. 

Brand Visibility is totally in your control and easy to accurately measure and track.

Again, for the resource starved mid-size B2B industrial market this can be a great foundation for all your online marketing efforts and the one metric to focus on as you pursue more accountability (Your owners love accountability) and success from our online marketing efforts.

What are the advantages of Brand Visibility for the mid-size B2B industrial market and why I like to say they are table stakes?

  • Helps your company focus on your unique brand story.

My own experience, tells me most members of the mid-size B2B industrial family have a great brand story to tell. I am always amazed when I get to know the owners of these companies and the fantastic stories they tell me about their founding, their unique capabilities and their successes in the marketplace. Yet, when I look at their website and marketing materials there is no reference at all to their unique offerings in the marketplace. As my friend Greg Miller at Maxwell and Miller says, “Don’t just tell your buyers' you are the best ... be different.”   

Before embarking on efforts to improve your online brand visibility, make sure our brand story is told on your website and other marketing materials. I just happen know someone who is really good at that stuff. 

  • Helps you stand out in a crowded and competitive industrial marketplace.

In today's competitive business landscape, Brand Visibility has become more critical than ever for mid-size B2B industrial companies. While many businesses in this sector may prioritize factors like product quality, operational efficiency, and customer relationships, overlooking Brand Visibility can be a costly mistake.

  • Build trust and credibility.

Trust is a cornerstone of any successful B2B relationship. Mid-size B2B industrial companies often compete with larger, more established corporations, making it crucial to build trust and credibility with potential clients. A well-recognized, respected and visible brand can help your mid-size achieve this.

When a company has a strong brand presence, it signals to potential clients that they are dealing with a professional, reliable, and established organization. This perception, along with a strong brand story, can be the deciding factor when clients are choosing between multiple options.

  • A competitive advantage

A strong brand presence gives mid-size B2B industrial companies a competitive advantage. In a highly competitive marketplace, where competitors are often offering similar products and services, your brand can be the factor that sets you apart, especially if it is seen often. It can help you charge premium prices for your products or services, attract top talent, and secure partnerships with other industry players.

Furthermore, a well-established brand can act as a barrier to entry for new competitors. If your brand is already deeply rooted in the market, it can be difficult for newcomers to compete effectively. Brand Visibility helps you create a digital moat around your business, making it more resilient to external challenges.

  • Customer retention

While Brand Visibility is essential for acquiring new clients, it is equally important for retaining existing ones. In the competitive B2B industrial sector, businesses often maintain long-term relationships with their clients. A strong brand presence helps you stay in the minds of your customers, reinforcing their decision to continue working with you.

Regular communication and engagement through Brand Visibility initiatives, such as newsletters, social media, and industry events, can remind your clients of the value you provide. It also assures them that you are a forward-thinking and reliable partner, which can lead to longer and more profitable relationships.

  • A foundation for marketing

Effective marketing relies on a solid foundation of brand visibility. Whether you are running online advertising campaigns, attending industry trade shows, or creating content, your brand is at the core of these efforts. It provides a consistent message and identity that can resonate with your target audience.

In the digital age, the online landscape is a primary battleground for brand visibility. This includes having a strong website, an active social media presence, and a content marketing strategy. The ability to be found online, and the quality of the online experience you provide, can significantly impact your brand's image and visibility.

Laying your foundation on high Brand Visibility makes all your marketing efforts moving forward more effective. As my friend Greg Miller often says, " ...a force multiplier".

  • Brand visibility and content marketing

Content marketing is a powerful tool for increasing Brand Visibility among mid-size B2B industrial companies. By producing valuable content related to your industry, you position your brand as an authority in your field. This not only enhances your credibility but also attracts potential clients searching for solutions in your industrial niche.

I often point to companies such as Indium that have literally cornered the market by using blogs and social media to dominate the industrial solder market. Not only that, they also cut costs by 75% for trade shows.

  • Conclusion:

Brand Visibility is not an option but a necessity for mid-size B2B industrial companies. It's table stakes in the mid-size B2B industrial market.

It is a critical element that can set your industrial enterprise apart from competitors, build trust and credibility, drive customer retention, and serve as the foundation for all your marketing efforts, both online and offline.

It’s no secret that many times the mid-size industrial market lacks resources to compete at a high level on the web.  

By investing in Brand Visibility up front, you get a quick win for your industrial brand and position your company for long-term success in a competitive marketplace.

            Are you in the game or are you leaving money on the table?

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