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Nothing has changed more dramatcially than your industrial buyer’s behavior. Savvy industrial marketers, instinctively, know their buyer now goes to Google first. An online search is now the first step in the, now shortened, classic industrial buy cycle.

If your brand is not there to greet them, your company is losing big time. The valuable publications below, developed from my 25 years experience helping industrial marketers navigate the web, can help your marketing department change course to sale with the wind, rather than against.

Using the concepts outlined below, your industrial company CAN create, a sustainable, lead generation machine and vanquish your online industrial competitors

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Need a quick idea what it takes to dominate your online industrial competitors? Download "Key Takeways" an infographic for my new book, How to Deploy In-House Digital Strategy Without the Stress.



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All your prospects have moved online. However, your competitors have not. Learn how to gain competitive advantage over your fierest rivals.


Learn why industrial branding is so critical in the age of Google.

Beat your competitor’s by telling your unique, industrial, story. Plus, learn the four cornerstones for industrial branding.


The Essential Guide to Industrial Marketing…The Inbound Way

Inbound, or content marketing, has it’s own advantages. However, for the industrial marketer, the real power accrues when you combine your traditional channels that still work with your digital channels. Endorsed by David Meerman Scott, best-selling author and leading marketer in the country for the digital channel.


A Beginner’s Guide to Industrial Content Marketing

Heard the buzz about content marketing? Not sure if it is something you need to do? Dig deeper & find the real benefits for the industrial marketer


What’s your industrial brand worth…in the Age of Google?

Tom Repp creates a Cliff Notes version of The Power of Industrial Brands. “This book was written to show that branding is as appropriate for a company pressing metal pieces as it is for Pepsi-Cola.” – Paul Hague

Marcus Sheridan on Life, Business & the Future of Industrial Marketing 

Listen to one of the real rock stars of content marketing, Marcus Sheridan, and find out the amazing opportunity industrial marketers have in the digital age.

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