B2B Industrial Marketing Needs David Meerman Scott

david-meerman_scott-4David Meerman Scott’s contributions to the marketing community have been many. His thought leadership, best-selling books and contributions have influenced the B2B industrial marketing community as well.

All though, not nearly enough, in my opinion.

Scott has been a proponent of inbound marketing, emphasizing the importance of ATTRACTING customers through valuable content rather than advertising that disrupts and destroys trust.

I have updated my ebook I published in 2015, which was endorsed by David Meerman Scott: Tom Repp gives an overview of a new way to success in the new world of search engines, mobile, and social networks.”

In the world of search, social, mobile and AI can your industrial marketing strategies keep up with your buyers' changing behaviors?

If not, grab The Essential Guide to Industrial Marketing The Inbound Way.

Inbound-Way for B2B industrial marketing