Why B2B Industrial Marketers Are Building Ineffective Websites

2023-08-Father of SEO-Bruce Clay-08-24-2023-1I have been beating the SEO (search engine optimization) drum for years for the B2B industrial market. Now more than ever, your new website must be built from the ground up using the best SEO strategies and tactics. I can’t tell you how many B2B industrial websites are built by web designers or agencies that never think about SEO or even allow the SEO expert into the discussion. Sure, the websites look great, but they are ineffective … from the ground up. Even the top web designers admit they hate thinking about SEO: “It disrupts my creative juices”.

Don’t believe me?

Read what Bruce Clay, “Father of Search Engine Optimization”, says about your new B2B industrial website in August 2023 in Search Engine Land.