Unlocking the Power of Location Services for B2B Industrials

2023-08-google location services for B2B industrialsIn the age of data-driven decision-making, Google's location services have emerged as a critical branding tool for B2B industrial businesses. In fact, it can be a real game changer, especially for regional suppliers.

When you search for just about anything on Google, you notice that businesses at the top of the search engine return page (SERP) are businesses near you. It’s no accident. Of course, Google knows your geographic location and attempts to return the most relevant and closest business at the top of the page.

If you are a regional supplier of products or industrial services and have multiple locations understanding Google’s Location Services is critical.

For the regional industrial businesses, it's important that you create separate and optimized pages for each of your geographic locations. Each location needs to have the following:

  • Each location should have a separate page with a separate URL address such as yourdoman.com/indianapolis
  • Your individual location’s name, address & location (NAP)
  • Each page needs to have location-specific information such as specific services for each location, and the manager’s name. Possibly you can include some before and after images or text about services that were updated at your location.
  • Add images of each location such as pictures of local attractions, restaurants, town square, etc. Make sure you optimize each image for search purposes.
  • Make sure you embedded a Google Map
  • Highlight local charities that your company supports.
  • Embedded logos of local professional organizations with links to their websites. Be sure to optimize each logo image with the name of the organization combined with your company’s name. i.e. ABC industrial-ft-wayne-rotary international

In my travels I have found that very, very few mid-size B2B industrials pay attention to Google’s location services. Typically, their websites look great, but they are missing this critical SEO component.

Keep in mind that even the best web designers and web agencies tend to focus on building a great looking website. Most web developers simply are not experts in the finer points of SEO and miss this important branding and marketing element.

Check your industrial website. Are your locations listed properly so your buyers can easily find your products and services at each location independently?


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