Your Industrial Brand Should Be Your “Publisher”

for_industrial_branding-pitch_the_dream.jpgThat’s right, your industrial brand should be your “publisher”.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. Maybe the concept will help a few industrial marketers pick up the mantel of content marketing for industrial & run with it for competitive advantage.

I have always considered Harley Davidson to be one the best companies in the world at branding.  Harley sells “The Dream” better than anyone. Just read some the copy on Harley-Davidson’s current website, each associated with one of their fine machines:

“New for 2016, this one will roll out of the factory doors and never stop until it catches the horizon”

“It sends massive horsepower and low-end torque directly to your adrenal gland when you unleash the engine. The V-Rod Muscle motorcycle doesn’t shutter when it makes its statement.”

“With this timeless combination of style and touring function you don’t just ride through the landscape, you’re the most majestic art of the scenery.”

I am an experienced Harley rider and love the open road. Even when I read some of Harley’s copy, I can feel the surge of power in the seat as I accelerate out of a turn on a winding country road in North Carolina. The Dream lives.

I can only imagine the emotions Harley’s branding efforts evoke when a novice reads about his dream bike and feels adrenalin flowing as well. The Dream lives.

You see, Harley is not pitching their bikes…they are pitching The Dream. How often have you looked at a Harley ad in a magazine or seen a Harley ad on TV talk about the motorcycle?


When I get my monthly HOG magazine (another form of content), they are constantly selling The Dream and rarely pitch their wonderful bikes.

No…they evoke emotion.  They sell The Dream, not the motorcycle.

See…Harley has been in the content marketing business since 1916 when they first published The Harley-Davidson Enthusiast.

Harley’s brand…The Dream…is the publisher.

Right now… I know what you are saying. “My extrusion blow-molding machine is boring compared to a Harley”.

Hog wash.

For the engineer that is on the hunt for his next capital purchase, emotions play a huge role in his purchasing decision:

  • “Will I select the right blow mold machine for our production capabilities?”
  • “This is a huge purchase, and my job is on the line”
  • “What will the total lifetime cost be for the machine I am interested in”

Do not tell me there is no emotion in such a critical decision.

Or…the engineer that needs to find out why there are issues with bottle blow-outs with his existing blow molding machine.  The Dream would offer some answers to his challenges

No emotion?  Give me a break.

You see, most industrial marketers never have the opportunity to have their brand act as the publisher.

When an industrial brand theme is an extension of “Best Price”, “Best Quality” or “Best Service”, as most industrial marketers do, you never have an opportunity to sell The Dream…or the solution.

As my friend Bruce McDuffee at Manufacturing Marketing Institute says, Stop pitching products & start sharing knowledge

In the case of an industrial marketer, a leading edge solution will make the engineer on the plant floor as giddy as a rider navigating the Tail of the Dragon in Deals Gap, NC.

For an example of an industrial brand that acts as a “publisher” check out A Branding Road Map for Industrial Marketers.. Note that the brand theme and the ads say little about product, price, quality or service.

The brand theme, When Excuses Won’t Cut It, allowed us to publish The Dream for the prospect…no excuses and an unblemished reputation.

What’s your Dream?

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