[PODCAST] Marketing Automation for Industrial: Grab a Competitive Edge

marketing_automaton_for_industrial.jpgWondering about marketing automation for your industrial company?  Wondering if your industrial marketing strategy needs a shot of adrenalin?

Here are some answers.

Join Tom Repp and Bruce McDuffee from Manufacturing Marketing Institute and hear about the risks and rewards of using marketing automation for industrial.

Key takeaways from this informative podcast:

  • What is marketing automation?
  • Why is it different from Constant Contact?
  • How marketing automation gives industrial marketers’ a competitive advantage?
  • Why understanding content saturation is critical for online dominance
  • Why your buyer’s new behavior demands great content?
  • Who should not use marketing automation?

CLICK HERE for Tom & Bruce’s podcast, An Opportunity for Manufacturers to Gain a Competitive Edge With Marketing Automation