Industrial Content Marketing: Best Way to Improve Industrial Brand

Brand_strategy_on_black_board.jpgWhen I first meet a customer, one of the most common complaints is, “Tom, we just need more awareness. We have a great product/service, but more people need to be aware of what we do”.

Without hesitation, I say, “Industrial content marketing”

Then the classic, “deer in the headlights” look.

After a brief introduction to content or inbound marketing, I share the following example:

We are doing an industrial content marketing project for a large industrial supplier.  After polishing up their brand theme to communicate their unique capabilities, we deployed a new website and a lot of new content such as, blog posts, premium e-books, etc.  More content, such as webinars, podcasts and videos are to come.

After just 6 months of putting out blog posts, leveraging social media, 3 premium e-books and email blasts we can say the top-of-mind awareness (TOMA) or brand needle is moving in the right direction.

  • Their web visits have moved from 300 per month to almost 2000 per month
  • They now receive 30 new contacts per month
  • Approximately 10% are quality leads
  • When compared to 18 of their regional and nationwide competitors’, their web marketing score is at the top of the heap.
  • Their Alexa rank went from approximately 20,000,000 to 6,000,000 in just 6 months.
  • Their marketing “reach” via Linkedin is now around 500,000 recipients using Linkedin’s industry “Groups” as primary “publishing” platform.
  • They are gaining traction and valuable inbound links from their twitter followers. (Can you say #realdonaldtrump ?)
  • The conversion rate (That is, the rate at which web visitors land on a landing page and then fill out a form with a valid email address) is among the highest for all HubSpot users.

Want to move the needle for your industrial brand ?  By using industrial content marketing…the needle is, clearly, moving in the right direction for this Midwest industrial supplier.

Keep in mind that all the content we have deployed stays out on the web…promoting their unique brand theme. This salesman does not go home at night or on vacation.

As we continue to deploy helpful, quality content,  our customer’s brand and top-of-mind-awareness will continue to improve…along with lead generation and sales.

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