Marketing Automation for Industrial: Holy Grail or Fail?

industrial_marketing_failure_or_success.jpgInbound marketing on a marketing automation platform has become a hot topic within industrial marketing departments. Inquisitive & perceptive industrial marketers want to know the real story behind marketing automation. Is it the holy grail of marketing, as some say? On the other hand, is it a marketing boondoggle?

While taking a break from my grandkids over the Holidays I noticed this report from my favorite marketing automation provider, HubSpot, in the Business 2 Community blog. This report sheds some light on the nagging questions.

There is tons of marketing automation platforms out there. Knock yourself out if you want to research them.  In a recent video, Marcus Sheridan, marketing automation evangelist, provides a  holistic view of marketing automation, Is HubSpot and Marketing Automation Right for Your Business?  I believe Marcus’ assignments are just as valid for industrial as any sector.

In my mind, HubSpot provides the best experience and results for the small to mid-size industrial market, where my practice focuses. The State of Inbound reports in the past have been spot-on in terms of my experience on the ground.

This 2015 State of Inbound report from HubSpot mirrors what I see from my vantage point, specific to the mid-size industrial market.

  • Marketing automation can provide an industrial internet marketing advantage in any industrial niche…IF
  • You can find the talent to implement inbound marketing on a marketing automation platform.
  • Your competitors will implement marketing automation. They will likely fail because of lack of available talent providing a window of opportunity for the savvy industrial marketer.

Key takeaway and critical strategy for industrial marketing:

If you are going to implement marketing automation for your industrial marketing strategy…get help.  This opportunity window is closing fast.

Grow your in-house capabilities or collaborate with an agency to establish a fast track and a competitive advantage using inbound marketing on a marketing automation platform.