6 Reasons Industrial Sales Should Beg for Inbound Marketing

industrial_salesman-begging.jpgYour best salespeople have mastered the art of overcoming rejection. Still…there is nothing worse than meeting a potential customer that is lethargic and aloof towards you and your product.  Your best attempts at “features & benefits” and summoning your most charming quips fail to break the ice.

…Just plain uncomfortable and gets very old after hundreds of sales calls.

Now, let me turn the tables with a personal story that highlights the benefits of inbound/content marketing for your sales group.

Almost three years ago, the President of a manufacturing company in Michigan who I knew me personally introduced me to his marketing team. Like a good sales rep, I was ready with the obligatory business card.  As we exchanged greetings and biz cards, two out of three chimed in with, “Oh, we don’t need that (the business card) we read your blog and your LinkedIn profile.

WHAM!  Paradigm shift.

That is one big reason your industrial marketing team should be producing content. I was introduced as a trusted consultant, instead just another charming salesperson.

Five other reasons your sales group should be begging your marketing department to deploy an inbound marketing strategy.

Low Content Saturation:

Almost every industrial company I have worked with is behind the eight ball when it comes to a content marketing strategy.  That includes your competitor.  There is tremendous opportunity for the industrial marketer that fills up his online industrial niche with educational content.  Well done, helpful, content will lead to more visits and more qualified sales leads.

Lead Generation:

It will take some time to create and deploy great content, but if you keep producing helpful white papers and other downloadable marketing assets, the leads will come.  Remember, you competitors are not doing this yet, so you are attracting the majority of the “buzz” and top-of-mind awareness in your industry.

Become The “Poster Child” for Your Industry:

If you started producing the best content in your industry today…imagine the top-of-mind awareness your sales group would have when meeting a potential customer.  “Yea…I have read a lot about you guys…and you put out some great information on your website”.  Trust…already built. No need for clever closes here

Extend Your Brand Theme:

You have all heard it.  In the age of search, mobile, social and segmentation, a consistent brand theme is critical. Clearly, by using good content and extending your message across hundreds of platforms, your brand theme will begin to resonate…and your sales group will reap the benefits.

Level Your Industrial Playing Field:

As I said earlier, it is likely your competitors do not even know the right questions to ask when it comes to developing a coherent content marketing strategy. Get going now…you will look like the 800 pound gorilla in your industry two years from now.  Even if you are not.