Google’s RankBrain: Another Gift for Industrial Marketers

printed_circuit-RankBrain.jpgMost industrial marketers do not embrace SEO as they should (I know…I have been helping them for 14 years), let alone Google’s new algorithm called RankBrain.

RankBrain…sounds intimidating doesn’t it?

RankBrain is just another algorithm update from Google that improves the search experience for its users.  RankBrain is “machine-learning artificial intelligence technology” that will continue to deliver improved search results, satisfying your industrial customer’s need for answers to their questions. The “machine-learning” part of the algorithm is the new technology Google is promoting.

Google tells us that RankBrain is the “third-most” important signal contributing to page rank. Amazingly Google will not tell us the first two.  Silly Google.

My guess is, links (i.e. “votes” for your webpages) remain the most important signal and the actual words you use in your content (i.e. webpages, white papers, e-books) are the second most important signal for Google.

What does all this mean for the industrial internet marketing?

It means you better get good at content marketing, inbound marketing…whatever you want to call it. NOW.

I am not going into a discussion about inbound marketing, except to ask you a few questions.

  • What is the total cost of ownership of your industrial chiller?
  • When selecting an electric motor repair vendor, what should I look for?
  • Why should I use VMI for my class “c” components?
  • What Parker dealer specializes in custom hydraulic manifolds?
  • Which carbide tap manufacturer offers the best service?

Your prospects’ and customers’ are asking complex questions about your products as well.

Are you prepared to answer them?

Because your competitors are so far behind in terms of SEO, content saturation & content deployment, this is a HUGE opportunity for the ones that embrace RankBrain, the other gifts offered by Google & inbound marketing for industrial.

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