[Book Review] Vanquish Your Competitors Using Industrial Content Marketing

New-Way-Cover-paperback_200-hiresI recently meet with my friend Bruce McDuffee, a fellow industrial marketing consultant for breakfast at the Content Marketing Institute conference in Cleveland. Bruce and I have talked numerous times on the phone and have produced a couple podcasts together at www.mmmatters.com. Since the first time I stumbled on Bruce’s Manufacturer’s Growth Manifesto , I knew we were fighting the same, rust-belted, demons that hold back dramatic growth in the industrial sector.

Bruce and I are “brothers” when it comes to industrial marketing. Bruce and I read off the same page.  In this case, we read off the same book. Bruce, recently released his book, The New Way to Market for Manufacturing, Innovation That Grows Your Business.

If you want to gain competitive advantage and improve your company’s growth rates, learn how to leverage industrial content marketing to pump up your industrial marketing strategy.

As Bruce says, “This is a gigantic opportunity”.  Put another way, “Your manufacturing company is sitting on a gold mine”, says McDuffee.

I could not agree more. Bruce’s book is easy to read, well organized and contains actionable steps with easy-to-follow outlines on tactics industrial marketers need to embrace now…to stay competitive in the digital age.

There is one catch to this dominating marketing tactic…first movers win

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