Inbound Marketing for Industrial is Not a One-Trick Pony

inbound_marketing_is_not_a_one_trick_pony.jpgMany times my business peers accuse me of just promoting content or inbound marketing for an industrial marketing strategy.

I guess that is the hazard of passion.

You bet…I am excited about inbound marketing for industrial, but I have never advocated JUST inbound marketing as the only channel to market.

I am excited about the early adaptors of inbound marketing for my industrial marketing friends. Long term, a coherent inbound marketing strategy can build a significant competitive advantage…or, as I call it, a “digital moat”.

However, inbound marketing alone will not provide sustainable marketing success.

No way…

Inbound marketing using marketing automation platforms can be integrated into every one of your traditional marketing channels…at least, the ones that are still working:

Every one of your traditional channels can be more effective with inbound marketing:

  • Industry trade shows
  • Direct mail
  • Ads in industrial trade journals
  • Transform cold calls in warm calls
  • E-mail marketing
  • Online paid advertising
  • Industry directories such as ThomasNet & GlobalSpec (Now IHS Engineering360)

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The Essentials of Industrial Marketing, the Inbound Way