Further Evidence of the Opportunity for Industrial Content Marketing

industrial content marketing-making the caseFirst, if you are not serious about retooling your industrial marketing strategy to create sustainable lead generation and top-line growth, you don’t need to bother reading this post or follow up on the valuable links below.

If you are serious about creating top-of-mind experiences for your industrial prospects and sustainable lead-generation, then spend 10 minutes to educate yourself from two of the most reliable resources on the web, Forbes.com and Search Engine Land about the need for industrial content marketing.

For those you that follow me and read my blog, you know that I have been consistent concerning the opportunities for the savvy industrial marketer. The articles below provide further evidence that my customers are on the right track when retooling their online strategy & taking advantage of opportunities in the industrial market:

Can you say, “OPPORTUNITY”?

So, when I came across recent articles from trusted sources, I saved them for my audience.

If you are considering reworking your web site and your online strategy, these articles not only provide great advice, but also validate the opportunities that I have written about for several years for the industrial market.

The first article is from my most trusted resource concerning search engine optimization (SEO), Search Engine Land, provides some real-world advice for small manufacturers that often struggle with a consistent marketing effort: Why Consistent Marketing Can Pay Big Results for Small Industrial Manufacturers.

Often, the hot topic of content marketing has foreshadowed the need for good SEO research. If you think your can just provide great content for lead generation without SEO…think again.

Read, 6 Things New SEO Research Reveals About Content Marketing, and find out why organic search is still the largest channel for lead generation…even if you do create great content for your industrial prospect.

Like a lawyer, I am prosecuting a case.

Beyond a reasonable doubt…you need to embrace the web as a channel to market and significant competitive advantage.

Can you say, “CASE CLOSED“?

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