Use the Web to Build Your Industrial Franchise

industry marketing strategy, industrial franchiseYou say, “What’s an industrial franchise?”

Allow me to continue.

Before we continue let’s define “franchise” from Merriam-Webster:

Franchise: “a special privilege granted to an individual or group

Here’s why your industrial company can build “special privilege” or a “franchise” in your industrial niche pumping up your industrial marketing strategy using the web as your branding megaphone .

First, let’s agree your industrial buyers’ behavior has changed dramatically in the last few years. For information about your products or services they will always check Google first.  After all, you checked the web for your next vacation, didn’t you?

If you are like most industrial marketers, your branded sales materials are not there to greet your buyers that have specific intent when searching for your products. They want quality information in a format and time frame of their choosing.

Just this morning I had coffee with a prospective customer and he told me about a particular project they stole from a competitor because their competitor did not have the technical expertise to complete the project to perfection. This prospect’s brand revolves around completing highly technical systems, where many of their competitors do not have the technical expertise.

So, I came back to my office and checked several of the technical keywords phrases associated with the engineered materials and project mentioned above.

Even though this example is a common problem in this industrial sector, there was not one web page that was optimized for the three-word keyword phrase.

If for example, my prospect created a blog post and some downloadable content, not just optimized around the three-word keyword phrase, but also optimized around a brand message of technical excellence…there is no telling how many quality leads will be generated.

Can you say, “special privilege”.

Repeat this online strategy using 20 to 30 of the other technical keywords related to the company mentioned above and badda-bing…you just created a “franchise” or “special privilege” for this specific industry.

(If you want more information about this strategy, I wrote a blog post back in November, 2015 about content saturation for industrial titled Use Content Saturation to Own Your Industrial Niche)

Use Content Saturation to Own Your Industrial Niche

Keep in mind Google rewards companies’ that create great content and get the first views and clicks. So, as in life, the “early bird gets the worm”.

The early bird gets the “franchise” as well.

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