Industrial Marketing Strategy-Where to Go From Here?

Patrick D. Mahoney, President & CEO of IEEE GlobalSpec and his organization not only provide the best market research for the industrial market, but they are the most influential in terms of thought leadership.  If you are looking for leadership for your industrial marketing, this is a good place to start

Mr. Mahoney recently was interviewed by , an online publication, focused on internet advertising.

So…it makes sense to stand up and take notice on what Mr. Mahoney and GlobalSpec have to say. With one caveat.

As an industrial marketer, you must keep in mind that GlobalSpec’s business model is built on a business model that buyers are starting to reject. GlobalSpec is swimming upstream against an industrial buyer that will not be interrupted by all the clutter on a web page.  The new industrial buyer wants to go to Google, type in specific questions or requirements and directed to high quality, helpful content.  Right now.

With that said, I agree with Mr. Mahoney; “In today’s digital media landscape, there is no single magic bullet for reaching the industrial customer. Companies must incorporate several channels and tactics in the marketing mix”   GlobalSpec is certainly a critical channel that should be part of your industrial marketing mix.

I would also draw your attention to Mr. Mahoney’s most important statement in his interview, in my opinion.

Content marketing enables manufacturers to become a trusted resource and be better positioned to win business. Conversely, their audiences seeks content to help them make informed decisions

I could not agree more and I wrote a blog post about this subject titled, Why Understanding Content Saturation is a Bonanza for Industrial Marketers.

So…reading Mr. Mahoney’s article would be good use of your time. If you don’t have the time now, here are the key takeaways at:

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