Voice Search for Industrial Explodes: Industrial Marketers Fall Further Behind

voice search for industrial

Would you ignore 20% of your industrial buyers?

The latest marketing data from Google says that “20% of mobile queries are voice searches”,

WOW…as an industrial marketer officer you know things are changing. You agonize…“Would my marketing world please stop spinning?”

You would like to ignore the recent news from Google that voice search is exploding. Not possible, since you just used voice search to shop for bike rakes: “OK Google, find reviews for the best tray style bike rakes”.

Machine learning and voice assistants are taking over and as an industrial marketer you need to be prepared. Voice search for industrial is here.

As an industrial marketer, where do you begin?  How do I survive?


As I have written before, I believe this is a blessing for savvy industrial marketers…the first movers in their industrial segments.

See…voice recognition is simply recognizing your text-based content and most importantly, your critical keyword phrases. If someone gives a voice command such as, “OK Google, show me the best Siemens motor for harsh environments” and you diligently create a blog post optimized for “Siemens motors for harsh conditions”, your blog will show up at the top of Google’s first page.  (Yep…Google is smart enough to know the difference between “environment” & “conditions”). It will also show up first for a voice search.

Let’s take a more extreme example or niche industrial product.  Your company manufacturers quench oil coolers for plant floor oil-cooling. If you have optimized your product pages properly or created several blogs optimized for “quench oil coolers”, I can assure you that your web pages will be at the top of Google’s search engine return page as well as first with voice recognition.

Understanding Content Saturation is the Answer.

Actually, the quench oil cooler example is more typical of a B2B/industrial company. Almost all industrial companies have products & services that have low content saturation levels. As I have written many times, industrial marketers have not embraced the concept of content marketing or content saturation and therefore do not produce a lot of content for Google to index.

My point is, even though voice search for industrial and other new marketing technologies continue to challenge savvy industrial marketers, there remains a significant opportunity for the first movers in many industrial segments.

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