Industrial Branding: You Get What You Pay For!

you get what you pay for when it comes to industrial brandingWe all know our parents had the best advice. As I baby boomer, I still recite my Father’s favorite axioms: “If you want something done, give it to the busiest people”, “The cheapest insurance you can buy are the best quality tires”, “The will to prepare comes before the will to succeed”…and of course the most time-honored quote of all:

“You get what you pay for.”

Still true today.  Thanks Dad.

Often, I am asked to start an online marketing effort including website, content deployment, e-mail, blogs, the “whole shootin’ match” (thanks again, Dad).

But…before they embark on a comprehensive online marketing effort, I always suggest they start by taking a critical look at their company’s brand.

Often the discussion ends with, “I don’t believe we can afford to spend the extra dollars on brand development”…or something very similar.

A well-defined brand message is the most misunderstood and underutilized marketing asset for most businesses, especially for industrial companies.


In my opinion, there are three primary reasons most industrial companies fail to understand the true value of brand building.

First, most industrial manufacturers and industrial suppliers have built their businesses on strong sales forces in the field. Therefore, they tend to rely on the sales side rather than marketing or branding. They are industrial guys. Most have come up through sales or engineering. They are not marketing guys. Nothing negative. Just the way it is.

Second, marketing and creating a strong brand is a creative endeavor. Most industrial tasks take a roll-up your sleeves, get ‘er done attitude. Not really a creative effort. Again, just the way it is.

Third, building a strong brand can be expensive and takes vision…long-term vision. Again, just human nature. Most want instant gratification.

If you take the long view and listen to the time-honored axiom, “You get what you pay for”, then more companies would take seriously the importance of brand building on their bottom line.

“A long-term vision is your greatest tool for success” – George Ambler.

Especially…in the world of search, mobile, social media and content marketing. A great brand message can be the glue that gets your marketing and sales materials to stick.

I often have coffee with my good friend Greg Miller, owner of Maxwell+Miller, Brand Consulting in Kalamazoo. Greg is the Grand Poo-Ba of branding in west Michigan.  I asked Greg to send me some articles on the value of branding…articles that provide real evidence for, “You get what you pay for” …when it comes to branding.

If you are thinking about improving your industrial brand and hesitate because of cost, I suggest you read these excellent articles:

First, What Does Branding Really Mean?

Second, Why Branding is Important in Marketing

Third, The Value of a Strong Brand

When it comes to your online marketing (or any marketing), ARE YOU GETTING WHAT YOU PAID FOR…without a killer brand message for your company?

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