Inbound Marketing for Industrial. Could of, Would of, Should of

questioning_inbound_marketing_for_industrial.jpgRemember, a few years ago, when you had the urge to purchase Google or Apple stock and simply did not have the money or the guts to pull the trigger?

Five years from now,  you will have a similar feeling.

You will watch as your industrial competitor fully embraces inbound or content marketing for industrial. You will, admirably, look at the digital moat he has built around his business by deploying quality, helpful, content that his prospects and customers love.

You watch, with anger, as his web pages rank much higher for the most critical keywords in your industry.

You watch, in envy, as he collects all the leads from the web by attracting more visitors to his website and turning them into customers using proven inbound marketing tactics.

Now…Imagine five years from now you took a critical look at your industrial marketing strategy today. You decided to pull the trigger and embrace inbound marketing for industrial.

Imagine…your prospects typing in your most important keywords and your blogs, e-books, webpages, webinars, even your e-mails (deployed as webpages, as well as email blasts) dominate the first page of Google.

Imagine…your millennial buyer is easily converted to a lead and then to a customer because you paid attention to a different communication paradigm.

Imagineyour fresh, new, brand theme now resonates throughout your digital footprint and communicates your company’s true value to the marketplace.

Imagine…turning a marketing expense into to a growth-driven lead generation machine that is as fine-tuned as your processes on your plant floor.

Imagine…having a dashboard that quickly tells you how each of our marketing assets is performing, including your traditional channels like sales, trade shows, trade journal ads.

“Could of…Would of…Should of…”

Will you say that again in five years?