Achieve the Holy Grail of Industrial Marketing ... Find a Great Coach

2022-08-the holy grail of industrial marketingFace it, your prospects and customers have moved online for good. It is now critical that you focus your marketing efforts where they will do the most good. Your website and online marketing efforts are where the heavy lifting will be done moving forward.

I will soon release a detailed analysis in ebook format just for mid-size industrials of 10 steps that will elevate your industrial brand to the top of Google and your industrial niche…The Holy Grail of Industrial Marketing.

In the past few years, the web has taken over as the go-to resource for your prospects. The pandemic only accelerated this trend and your prospects’ buying behavior has been recast thanks to Google's constant search engine updates. Google's updates will continue to mandate you improve the quality of your content and to reduce the frequency with which your prospects are disappointed with the search results.

Having in house marketing expertise for mid-size industrials to cope with these rapid changes is extremely rare. In fact, in my 25 years of working with industrials I have not seen one company that was prepared to deal with these changes.

Therefore, in my ebook titled, How to Deploy In-house B2B Digital Marketing Without the Stress. I recommend hiring a coach or guide to help embrace this new reality and keep you running your business and not your online marketing assets. 

If fact there is plenty of data that recommends this approach for web development and SEO specifically.

“Those who use third parties rate the third party’s effectiveness higher than their internal skills. SEO and web development particularly skew towards third parties being more effective.”

Look for my detailed analysis in ebook format (PDF) in the next couple of weeks on my publication page. In the meantime I am currently open for interviews and would love to meet your company’s talent.

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