Ad-blockers, Changes Everything for Industrial Content Marketing

industrial_marketing_rebellion.jpgI am sure you are aware there is a Presidential campaign going on…and the cartels on both sides of the aisle are being taken to the woodshed. Let’s just be blunt.  People are really pissed off.

This holds true with your industrial buyer as well.

Just as in the political arena, there is a popular rebellion against traditional advertising and marketing. If you have not noticed, your industrial buyer is now in control.

Ad-blocking software is the most recent sanction against established, traditional industrial advertising & marketing…along with call screening, DVRs, streaming video, curated content, browser extensions…and the list goes on.

The web has let the genie out of the bottle and your industrial buyer is now in control.

There is no going back.

Let me make a prediction concerning industrial content marketing.

The industrial companies that gain powerful insights into the daily lives and struggles of their audiences (not just “buyers”) and then deliver content and solutions (not just products) that are interesting, helpful and timely will build a digital moat around their business that will have lasting financial and competitive benefits.

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