Industrial Marketers Ignore Featured Snippet at Their Peril


First, to lay the ground work for my featured strategy, let me remind you of Google’s mission: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

As the keeper of your company’s industrial marketing strategy and website, have you made your company’s products and services “universally accessible and useful?”

Stay with me for a couple minutes…

Have you noticed that many of your own searches now result in returning Google’s Featured Snippet on the search engine return page. See example below.

This is Google’s continued attempt to make information “universally accessible and useful”.  This is Google’s effort to answer your question right at the top of the search engine return page.

I’m sure you have recently experienced Google’s new “wiz bang” feature and said to yourself, “WOW, that was easy. That is exactly what I was looking for”. Like most searchers, you then clicked the link right below the featured snippet or “answer box”, as some call it.

For obvious reasons, this is the most sought-after position for any business on a search engine page.

Go ahead and try it.  Learn more about featured snippets. Go to Google and Bing and type in “What is a featured snippet?”

The company that has 5 or 6 of their primary products or services featured in the “answer box” at the top of Google’s return page has a decided advantage in terms of brand visibility and lead generation opportunities.

Click-through rate (CTR), according to Ben Goodsell at Search Engine Land, improved from 2% to 8% once your link is featured in a snippet. Resulting revenue from organic traffic increased 677%, if it has a monetized shopping cart.

Moving forward, as we become more dependent on voice search on our mobile devices, Siri and Alexa’s responses depend on what content is embedded in the snippet. (Google estimates by 2020 half of all searches will be voice-based).

To be clear, to be the featured response to a voice search, your content needs to be embedded in the snippet or answer box. I believe this is highly attainable for most industrial marketers, as I will point out below.

Now, if you want to know how to code and format your webpages to return a featured snippet for your business, you can go to this YouTube video to get a great overview.

Here is my point:

As I have written, many times, industrial marketers are woefully behind when it comes to leveraging the web for branding and lead generation.

I also published many blogs concerning the lack of content saturation for most industrial companies.

Google’s Featured Snippet simply puts industrial marketers further behind when it comes to creating top-of-mind awareness for the benefit of branding and lead generation.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, it opens up… FURTHER… the opportunity for the savvy industrial marketer to take advantage of the lack of online marketing know-how and content for most industrial niches.

Note the featured pie chart for this blog post from this past July by Only 12% of search queries return a featured snippet. It is only a guesstimate based on my own research and experience, but I think less than 4% of industrial search queries end in a featured snippet on page one of Google or Bing.

So…back to the original question:

As the keeper of your company’s industrial marketing strategy and website, have you made your company’s products and services “universally accessible and useful?”

Imagine your company’s content dominating the first page of Google. Google’s Featured Snippet simply gives industrial marketers another opportunity to dominate the first page of ALL search engines.

Give me a call and I will get your company started on the road to first-page dominance for your company by focusing on Google’s greatest gift to industrial marketers, Featured Snippets.

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