Why I Love…BORING…Industrial Marketing

Industrial marketers think of their gig as boring. Boring is a huge advantage and a great opportunity for the marketer skilled in inbound marketing.

boring_industrial_buyer.jpgLet’s face it, custom hydraulic manifolds, industrial chillers, asynchronous electric motors, vendor managed inventories and cnc prototypes are boring.

In the age of search, mobile and social, it is damn hard to compete with Donald Trump, pop culture, the latest hit TV show or the latest version of the Snuggie.

As an industrial marketer…that is the point.

You do not have to compete with the constant barrage of unwanted ads, current events or freak shows that parade across our digital tethers. Your industrial marketing strategy can be really boring.

See…the industrial buyer is different. The industrial buyer is craving…BORING…information that can make his life easier. The, engineer-type, industrial buyer is annoyed as hell with all the unsolicited media that disrupts his day.

Marketing disrupts us constantly…and we are sick of it. Especially, since we can find anything we want on an as-needed basis.

Many of us use our DVRs to block annoying ads, use caller ID, listen to the radio shows we want (without ads) on our smartphones, use Do Not Call Registry, etc.  The industrial buyer considers it an art form when it comes to blocking marketers, cold calls, warm calls and salesmen out.

In your own personal and professional life, you want the information at a time of your choosing and in a format that is easy to digest.  The industrial buyer is no different.

On the web, there is an absolute abyss between the needs of the industrial buyer and the content (i.e. answers to the problems) industrial marketers are offering for effective B2B lead generation. The industrial buyer can go online to get the latest information and pricing for his home entertainment system, his dream motorcycle etc., but most times has a difficult time finding good content about his immediate pain on his plant floor.

It is sooo….BORING.  Nevertheless, soooo…. productive, when inbound marketing/content marketing strategy is executed properly.

I love BORING.

Author: Tom Repp

A traditional industrial marketer...now a passionate evangelist for leveraging the digital channel for lead generation.

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