Still Skeptical about Blogging for Business? Escape for 1 Min. and Watch Tom Peters & Seth Godin Tell Why Industrial Marketers Need to Change. [YouTube video]

Industrial Internet Marketer

blogging equals more leadsFor two years I have been, almost, yelling at our industrial marketing friends to start blogging. ( I think I actually scared a few of them into it.) Many industrial marketers have complained that their web site is not producing the leads that it once did.  I reply, “Then start blogging. Google wants you to prove your industry expertise.  Then Google will start ranking your site higher”.

As Seth Godin said in an interview, back in 2008; “…the best SEO is great content”.   The best way to get started creating great content?  Yep…start a blog.

Maybe this testimonial from Seth Godin and Tom Peters will get you off the mark. I remain hopeful.



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