Inbound Marketing for Industrial is Like Donald Trump

Donald Trump is showing the way for industrial internet marketing with his disruptive way of communicating. Industrial marketers should take note and follow his lead.

donald-trump-disruptor.jpgLove him or hate him, Donald Trump is a major disruptor to the established, staid political process of old. Much in the same way Google has disrupted almost everything. (Do you still park your World Book encyclopedias on your shelves?)

Much in the same way Uber & Lyft are disrupting the taxi industry.

Much in the same way Amazon is continuing to dispute the entire retail & industrial supply industry.

Much in the same way inbound marketing is disrupting traditional marketing.

Much in the same way the web & Google is changing YOUR industrial buyers’ purchasing habits.

Don’t believe me?

Look at this graphic gleaned from’s recent research titled, Engineering Marketers’s 2016 Campaign Plans:

The caption for this graphic reads as follows:

Content marketing (or inbound marketing) has become so powerful in the marketing industry that only 3% of marketers say that are going to reduce their spending on this category.  That’s even more amazing when you see that 27% (10% + 17%) said that it is isn’t working. The buzz around this concept is so powerful that if it doesn’t work, marketers blame themselves. In fact, they are 3X more likely to increase their budget if it isn’t working than they are to decrease their budget.

To me, the measure of any successful venture is retention.  If it works…people keep doing it. Obviously, content or inbound marketing for industrial is working for B2B industrial.

As I said, in a recent blog:

The industrial companies that gain powerful insights into the daily lives and struggles of their audiences (i.e. Like Trump has) and then deliver content and solutions (not just products) that are interesting, helpful and timely will build a digital moat around their business (i.e. Like Trump has) that will have lasting financial and competitive benefits.

Put another way, the disruptors in your industry will be the winners 5 years from now when the awards are handed out for industrial internet marketing.

Author: Tom Repp

A traditional industrial a passionate evangelist for leveraging the digital channel for lead generation.

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