Digital Media for the Industrial Marketer: From IHSEngineering360

I find many industrial marketers resist quality content marketing. This recent research from IHSEngineering360 should put the doubters on notice.

content marketing for industrial marketers I had a meeting this morning with a very progressive industrial marketer.  We were developing a focused content marketing strategy built on the HubSpot marketing automation platform.  What a pleasure to work with such a forward thinking marketer.

Then I came back to my office and the latest report from IHSEngineering360 (formerly GlobalSpec) was in my inbox.  These guys do some of the best research in the industrial sector and I always read their content and save their reports for later reference.

Here are a few highlights:

  • You must connect with potential customers early in their buy cycle in order to be a contender later when they are ready to make a purchase decision.
  • You must be found in the early stages of the buy cycle to be on the buyer’s short list.
  • As in-person tradeshows continue to experience decline, webinars have filled the void for interaction between technical professionals and vendors.
  • Digital publications, which fit neatly with engineers’ online work behavior, trump printed trade magazines as an information resource across all age groups.
  • While you may not drive sales directly through social media, you can distribute your content, build brand awareness and help to establish a thought leadership position—as well as interact with a new generation of technical professionals.

Based on my own knowledge, my own instincts and data from HIS Engineering360, I predict our progressive marketer I met with this morning will own his online niche in a couple years…with resulting sales results.

Read IHSEngineering360’s most recent report, 2015 Digital Media Use in the Industrial Sector and then let me know what you think?

Does your industrial marketing strategy match what others are thinking in the market?


Author: Tom Repp

A traditional industrial a passionate evangelist for leveraging the digital channel for lead generation.

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