Content vs Copywriting-How to Write Great Content for the Industrial Market

Is there a difference between content & copywriting for industrial content marketing? You bet.

beginners guideI recently had one of the top writers in the area tell me that my blog posts were excellent. This was a bit of a shock as I was just an OK writer in college. I really did not enjoy it or take any interest in it other than an opportunity to slam some NoDoz to stay up late and finish a paper.

As I became more involved in business and the need to communicate, I started to pay more attention to the art & science of writing. I was clearly into the art…the creative part. The science or the grammar was more of a stretch. I did come to appreciate my solid English background at Huntington High School and Adrian College. Thanks Mr. Hayden & Dr. Ernst.

As an industrial internet marketer, I found within the last few years, that content marketing was becoming the new frontier for the savvy industrial marketer. I knew that I would have to start a blog focused on the needs of industrial marketers interested in leveraging the web for lead generation.

As a result, I spent a great deal of time reading books and blogs from the leaders in web marketing and applied what I learned to the industrial sector. I paid attention to the tone and style of successful authors…the art of writing. I even purchased The Associated Press Stylebook to ensure I didn’t screw up my grammar. I listened to lots of HubSpot Academy classes to learn the technical aspects of blogging…the science of writing.

My friend, whom I trust immensely, and complimented my writing sent me the link below titled Content Marketing vs. Copywriting: Top Strategies for 2014 from Julia McCoy at ExpressWriters. Julia’s post covers both the art & science that we can apply to industrial content marketing.

I think there is a common misconception out there that content and copywriting for the industrial market does not require the same art & science that other markets require.

Don’t fall for that notion.

Those folks are dead wrong. We sometimes think that our more technical, engineering-related, audience does not have emotions and reacts only to the facts. Yes, the facts must be there and accurate, but as Julia suggests a successful content marketing strategy must engage your audience…engineers or not. Thanks Julia for some great advice for our industrial marketing friends.

Julia’s blog post is a must read if you are going to write content and blog for the industrial market.

Your thoughts?

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