GlobalSpec Recommends Industrial Marketing Budgets Shift to Digital…and Branding

Many industrial marketers are hesitant to focus on the digital channels. Here is evidence that waiting may be hazardous to your business

factory floorI wrote a review and summary of GlobalSpec’s 2013 Trends in Industrial Marketing on this blog in November of 2013. GlobalSpec’s survey summarized what many of us know already. Most industrial marketers are moving budget dollars towards digital and the most effective digital strategies are multi-channel, including the strong presence of social media and content marketing.

In the November post, I was amazed to find there was no mention of industrial branding and the need for it in The Age of Google.

Well…GlobalSpec’s latest survey, 2014 Digital Media Use in the Industrial Sector finally recognizes the use of branding is slowly creeping into the industrial marketers’ arsenal of weapons.

In my November review, I recommended industrial marketers take a strong position on their brand themes

“How do you make your industrial brand standout from your competitors for improved lead generation?

Tell a story. Build your brand.

A good story is more likely to cause a web visitor to select your product over your competitor…and your story can’t contain the pabulum that almost every other industrial marketer uses such as “superior service”, “quality products”, “most experience”, “most dependable”, etc.

Providing quality products and superior service is simply the price of admission.

In the “me-too” world of the web and industrial products…the same ol’, same ol’ won’t cut it.”

It is refreshing to see in GlobalSpec’s latest survey, “brand awareness” has made onto their list of five recommendations for industrial marketers:

  1. Shift more of your marketing budget to digital channels.
  2. Diversify across a variety of digital channels.
  3. Provide digital content for all stages of the buy cycle, for all types of buyers.
  4. Build relationships with a new generation of technical professional.
  5. Invest in brand awareness and visibility.

As I said in November, is it always wise to know what your competitors and industry are up too. When it comes to developing your go-to-market strategy, GlobalSpec provides some of the best intelligence.

One of the unique tidbits from GlobalSpec’s survey and new too much of GlobalSpec’s intel, is industrial marketers’ need to get started now using digital assets. The survey emphasizes the need to attract the offspring of the baby-boomers now taking over their elder’s business.

This report will help you grasp how your competitors, customers and prospects use the web and help your industrial company create a distinct, digital, advantage.

You may download GlobalSpec survey here: 2014 Digital Media Use in the Industrial Sector

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Author: Tom Repp

A traditional industrial a passionate evangelist for leveraging the digital channel for lead generation.

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