Industrial Marketers’ “Age of Distrust” Opportunity

industrial marketing and the age of distrust

Let’s face it, there is a lot of fake everything out there…not just fake news. There is a ton of fake marketing. Lying marketers. Lying politicians. Unwanted robo calls. Pop-up ads on your phone you must fight through to get to content you really want to view. Many call it the Age of Distrust.

I saw a recent article at Market Watch that stated robocalls are the number one source of complaints at the Federal Trade Commission.  And…as we all know many of those robocalls are scammers, not just aggressive, “legitimate” businesses breaking the law by ignoring the Do-Not-Call list.

Politics seems to be on the minds of many Americans. No matter your political stance, the behavior of our political leaders is disgusting. Clearly an absence of trust.

Face it, many marketers, many politicians, many salesmen, many others are out to bamboozle you.

Most Americans, and your customers, can recognize the filth. I believe Americans are pretty good at separating the truth from the bamboozlers.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that all industrial marketers are taking liberties with their sales and marketing tactics.  But, I am saying that sales and marketing as an extension of our whole culture is filled with bamboozlers, opening opportunities for the “good guys” to trumpet a brand message of honesty & transparency and stand above their competitors.

In the final analysis…in an Age of Distrust…you only have one thing to sell and that is your company’s trust & transparency.

Enter the web & technology.

In the age of search, mobile, social, video and AI (artificial intelligence) trust & transparency is the foundational currency that will propel your industrial company to new heights and give your industrial company a competitive advantage.

I realize that to build trust you need more than a great web marketing strategy. You need great people, great products, great culture, etc.

We all know that building a culture of trust is extremely difficult. But in my mind, it is the foundation for growth in a changing, and increasingly distrustful, economy.

In today’s environment building a web strategy around trust is simply “table stakes”.

My friend, Marcus Sheridan calls it the Honest Economy at a TEDx talk.

As Marcus did with his pool company, ANY industrial company can build a culture of trust and transparency by following Marcus’s basic formula of:

They Ask.  You Answer

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