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The savvy industrial marketer who takes advantage of his competitors’s lack of know-how concerning digital opportunities, will emerge as the dominate brand in his industrial niche.

To achieve digital dominance, or a digital moat, takes total commitment from the C-suite and a commitment to change the way you view your buyer.  It takes a TEAM.

The Repp Group takes a holistic approach and works with Partners that work best for you. Partners that achieve results. YOUR LEAD TEAM.



When you get down to it, there is probably little difference between your industrial products and your competitors’ in purely functional terms. Customer perception often determines why one is chosen over another. In the age of mobile, search & social, the brand customers feel best about wins. We partner with Maxwell+Miller so that your brand wins in the industrial marketplace.

Blue Fire Media

Blue Fire Media

As the premier web design company in Kalamazoo, Blue Fire Media has helped countless area businesses develop stunning, lead-generating websites. With a full team of programmers, graphic designers, and writers, we simplify the process by handling everything in-house. Every piece of your project is created from scratch by an experienced, specialized professional who has worked in their field for years.

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Much like accounting software connects all your financial assets, marketing automation, such as HubSpot, can now connect all your marketing assets…whether online or offline. Managing your marketing assets with dashboards that immediately tell you what works and what does not work, gives your industrial enterprise a huge competitive advantage. If fact, allows you to build a digital moat around your business.

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The Vieri Group

Modern industrial marketing requires many digital assets. Most of the time these online marketing assets need to function together…seamlessly. The Vieri Group ensures your diverse software platforms work together. Need to import data from MS-Exchange to your new online CRM?  Need to get your cool new marketing automation platform set up and talk to your legacy databases? The Vieri Group develops solutions that allow your sales & marketing groups to sing from the same page. Alleluia!

Manufacturing Marketing Institute

They always say… two heads are better than one. I often talk to Bruce McDuffee, Executive Director at Manufacturing Marketing Institute. Bruce & I often produce helpful & informational podcasts at Bruce’s website. Like me, Bruce is an evangelist for B2B manufacturers to leverage the web for top-of-mind awareness and dramatic improvement in lead generation. If needed, I will bring Bruce to the table for the benefit of my industrial customers

Bruce has also written a book that every B2B manufacturer should read, The New Way to Market for Manufacturing.


Active Campaign

All-in-one marketing marketing automation can be complicated and more bells & whistles than some industrial marketers need…or can use.  ActiveCampaign, built by our friends in Chicago, is a great alternative to many of the leaders in the marketing automation “land rush”.


Technical writers

Need more than just great marketing copy? Need a professional to write blog posts that will encourage your engineering prospects to come back for more?  We have highly skilled technical writers that can help you write content that attracts your most valuable prospects and engineers.


Looking for a web-based CRM that your sales group loves…actually uses?. Look to affordable :copper. Built for Google, recommended by Google and used by Google…and by The Repp Group

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SPC Consulting

When I first meet my industrial marketing friends that want to get more aggressive on the web, I often ask the following question: “If we can help you improve your sales numbers by 50% could you handle the additional volume on your plant floor?” If there is hesitation, I realize they may not be ready for increased branding & lead generation via the web. If industrial owners realize something has to change, I always recommend Steve Cummings at SPC Consulting, a former President and CEO for industrial. Steve will become your trusted partner and bring an unbiased look, offer suggestions and guide you through change and move your industrial business ahead.

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Even for the industrial market, great positions on the search engine return page can have a dramatic effect on your company’s top-of-mind awareness and brand message.

One of the quickest ways to achieve top positions on Google is by using social media, particularly Linkedin and twitter. The only way to manage all that content and inevitable responses is to use social management software such as Hootsuite/


Email marketing is an essential component for industrial marketers. So is marketing automation. Now using online platforms such MailChimp, you can now get BOTH email marketing and marketing automation.  This is an ideal marketing platform/solution for the small to mid-size industrial marketer.

As a mentor & subject matter specialist for SCORE, Tom can not only bring web marketing expertise to your business, but also connect your business to a multitude of resources that will get you closer to your goals and ultimate success.

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