With Inbound or Content Marketing Your Industrial Brand Lasts Forever. Make Sure it is Right.

As content marketing becomes mainstream for forward thinking industrial marketers…pumping up your brand is critical, because it will last forever on the web.

blogging equals more leadsMany industrial marketers are sniffing around the web and talking to their peers wondering if this content marketing thing is for real.  With all the due diligence into inbound or content marketing comes the common question, “Do I need to pump up my industrial brand first?”


In my last post I talked about the importance of inbound marketing and the enduring qualities it has over traditional industrial marketing. If done properly, the content you deploy will stay around and will continue to send leads to your web site.  For example, I recently received a call from an interested prospect from a press release we did on PRweb.com over a year ago.

As I mentioned in my last post a helpful blog article about your specific capabilities will stay indexed in Google forever, just waiting to be served up to the next qualified lead that asks about the “custom hydraulic manifolds” your business builds.

So…not only does your content last forever, your brand theme lasts right along with it.

So your industrial brand message better be right. 

See…the best content marketing or inbound marketing strategy takes all those questions that your customer service staff and your sales staff gets asked daily.  Those questions are magically morphed into content that answers each one of those questions. The answers may come in the form of a blog post, a press release or a webinar.  Once your content is indexed by Google and served up to your interested prospect you have the opportunity to “brand” your company with helpful content.

If your brand stands for great service, great quality or great delivery you just lost the opportunity to stand out from your industrial competitors.  They all say the same thing. If your brand is what others say then your content strategy has nothing to build upon as you develop and refine your content.

Your content last forever, so should your brand.  A brand theme that is the same as your competitors stands for nothing in the Age of Google.

Stay tuned as we are currently developing A Branding Road Map for industrial marketers that details the steps in creating a great industrial brand. We will have it available shortly on our web site.

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Author: Tom Repp

A traditional industrial marketer...now a passionate evangelist for leveraging the digital channel for lead generation.

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