The Greatest Lead Generation System Ever for B2B Manufacturers

B2B manufacturers can use their thousands of long-tail keywords in their blogs for lead generation. Industrial internet marketing will never be the same

blogging equals more leadsLong-tail keywords!

That’s right, long-tail keywords might be the greatest lead generation gift B2B manufacturers have ever been given.

The concept of long-tail keywords was first written about in an article in Wired in the ancient year of 2004 by Chris Anderson.  Basically, it means a more descriptive keyword phrase where the web-user has more specific intent. Instead of “ice cream” he might search for “gluten-free fudge ripple ice cream”.  Damn…that sounds good.

In Google’s desire to provide the most relevant answers to their customers they are continually refining “semantic search”. In other words, Google has trained web users to type in more specific questions.  For example, instead of typing in “hydraulic manifolds”, web users now type in “semantic” search such as, “what kind of benefits can I expect using a custom hydraulic manifold for my laser cutting machine” The long-tail keyword in that question  or  “semantic search” is “custom hydraulic manifold for laser cutting” rather than just “hydraulic manifold”.  See the difference?

When search engines first came along we used to type in “manifold”, then we got a little more specific and typed in “hydraulic manifold” and now we do a “semantic” search and type in our specific question which includes a more descriptive long-tail keyword.

Have you used voice recognition on our smart phone at the bar (I have) and asked, “Can you tell me the Detroit Tiger that drowned on Beaver Island”.  In this case the long-tail keyword phrase is “Detroit Tiger that drowned on Beaver Island”.  Go ahead, try it using voice recognition on your smart phone. Your customers are doing the same thing for your products & services.

It goes without saying (But I will say it anyway) that the industrial sector includes thousands of long-tail keywords that your competitors are not paying attention too. This lack of content that contains these valuable little nuggets is your opportunity to own that long-tail niche whether it be “custom hydraulic manifolds for laser cutting machines ” double-acting pneumatic cylinders for RV applications”, or “Can a high pressure water pump achieve 50,000 psi?”

OK…you are convinced that there is opportunity.

How do you take advantage of this dynamic to improve lead generation for your B2B manufacturing company?

Start a blog.

Better yet, start several blogs with each one focused on each of your industrial categories. I wrote a blog post about Indium Corporation that has over 100 blogs, each focused on a unique product group.  They are killing it…in terms of lead generation.

The best way to start?

Focus on each product or profit center in your manufacturing company and then write a list of all the questions your sales group and customer service folks get on a daily basis.  The answers to these questions will contain those long-tail keywords and the foundation for your lead generation efforts. The answers you post will be appreciated and will build trust for your B2B manufacturing company.

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Author: Tom Repp

A traditional industrial a passionate evangelist for leveraging the digital channel for lead generation.

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