The 7-Pages All Industrial Marketers Should Read: “Your Biggest Competitive Advantage”…Content/Inbound Marketing

This is a review of Jared Fabac’s 7-page chapter in his ground-breaking book, The Industrial (Marketing) Revolution. Find out your “Your Biggest Competitive Advantage” in Fabac’s Chapter 3.

blogging equals more leadsThis past August I discovered a book by Jared Fabac titled The Industrial (Marketing) Revolution.  It was truly a euphoric moment to find another industrial marketer that believes as strongly as I do that industrial marketers must change their go-to-market strategy…NOW.

Your industrial buyer now shops and sources without any contact with your marketing efforts or your sales group.  Several years ago a web site with good search engine optimization (SEO) was required.  Now Google tells industrial marketers they must produce quality, helpful content related to products & services to be relevant.

I think Fabac’s statement says it best, “The time is now for industrial & b2b marketers to understand what must be done to remain competitive. In 5 years , it will be too late”   Fabac goes on to say, “Market share that was once dominated by a select few is openly accessible; sooner you adapt to these principles, the faster you can position yourself as an industry leader.”

If you are reading this post, then you are an engaged industrial marketer.  If you have not picked up Fabac’s book I would encourage you to not just engage, but embrace Fabac’s book.

For any business owner, industrial marketer, President, CEO, etc., one of the most critical elements of any business is to seize a competitive advantage.

And…content marketing or inbound marketing, currently, is one of the best ways to seize a competitive advantage.

So…one of the shortest, yet most persuasive chapters from The Industrial (Marketing) Revolution was Fabac’s Chapter 3, The Biggest Competitive Advantage.

So I thought I would NUDGE you a little by highlighting some of Jared’s key points in my favorite chapter, The Biggest Competitive Advantage:

  • The global industrial marketplace is now a level playing field for all to compete.  Embrace the content marketing opportunity and do whatever it takes to find the resources and adjust to market realities. Fabac says, “The web gives small to mid-sized companies the ability to carry out Fortune-100 style marketing strategies that wouldn’t have been possible in traditional media”.
  • Content marketing for manufacturers and industrial suppliers can actually control market share by producing great, consumable, content instead of clinging to the old ways of marketing that now fail to budge the needle.
  • Mastering the art & science of creating content is a difficult cultural change for any industrial company.  But, by doing so can propel your company to new heights.
  • Fabac says, “Mind(s), not money, matters”.   One of favorites, Guy Kawasaki, says it a little different;  “If you have more brains than money you should focus on inbound marketing”

There you have it.  A recap of Chapter Three,  your justification to explore industrial content/inbound marketing further.

Now… go get the book and sit with your management team and figure out what needs to be done to gain your competitive advantage.

Or….read my recent interview with Jared Fabac I posted earlier this month.

“By Tom Repp”

Author: Tom Repp

A traditional industrial a passionate evangelist for leveraging the digital channel for lead generation.

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