Nobody Will Fall in Love with Your Industrial Logo

industrial branding, Nobody Will Fall in Love with Your Industrial LogoHear I go again…beating the drum for industrial branding.

Forgive me.

I write often about industrial branding, as recently as November 9; Industrial Branding: You Get What You Pay For!

I will be the first to admit I have always been influenced by a quality brand message. When I first became involved in marketing the companies that created a strong brand captivated me.

“How, in the world, did they do that?”

Then, years ago, I became good friends with Greg Miller, Michigan’s grand guru of branding.

At our weekly coffees at “The Club” (Tim Horton’s or Grand Traverse Pie), Greg further convinced me how many of my industrial friends were not capitalizing on branding and how it could benefit them…particularly in the age of search, social and mobile. We both felt that the web & new technologies were brand multipliers…if done properly.

Every time I approached the concept of branding the typical response was, “We have a good logo and re-did our tag line recently” …or something similar. I would then check out their website, sales literature, brochures, social accounts, etc.

And what did I find?


Absolutely nothing to distinguish them from their industrial competitors.

One of the industrial companies that did take Greg’s brand intelligence to heart was HECO Industrial in Kalamazoo. With my help and Greg’s brand expertise, we have watched HECO dominate their online competitors for the last few years (they are due for a “tune-up”) and their business grow dramatically. They are thriving because prospects and customers think of HECO as not just an electric motor supplier, but a company that specializes in the entire powertrain…”All systems go”.  Sparks are literally flying at HECO Industrial.

Then, my friend Greg publishes an excellent ebook titled, Nobody falls in LOVE with a logo.

(Did you noticed, I just made the case for ungating your valuable content)

Want sparks to fly when someone researches your company or stumbles across your brand on the web, download Greg’s ebook, Nobody falls in LOVE with a logo.

Do sparks fly when someone thinks of your company?

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Author: Tom Repp

A traditional industrial a passionate evangelist for leveraging the digital channel for lead generation.

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