Manufacturers Need to Know: How Are B2B Manufacturers Adapting to Content & Inbound Marketing [Report from Content Marketing Institute]

Curious Manufacturers & Industrial Marketers Want to Know. Content Marketing Institute Publishes Report on How Manufacturers are Using Content Marketing.

blogging equals more leadsMost of my customers know I am big believer in content marketing or inbound marketing for industrial lead generation. Typically the first question out of their mouth is, “How much does it cost?” or “Who else is doing it?”

In terms of costs, I wrote a blog about content marketing costs a couple months ago.  Check it out. 

But…in terms of actual adaption here is a recent report from the Content Marketing Institute.

Want to know how your competitors are using content marketing and what their struggles have been? Want to know if the content marketing thing actually works?  Want to know how well it works?  Read their report right here:

Content Marketing Making Strides in the Manufacturing Industry: Report

I might add that the single biggest determinate of success for manufacturers using content marketing as a strategy is PASSION.  I am sure many in this survey have done content marketing because their bosses said they should or they have a competitor that is pushing them. No passion…just another chore.

The fact is, it takes a culture, not a strategy.

An industrial company that wishes to succeed at content marketing must be completely committed to content marketing or inbound marketing as some call it. From the top down. The successful content marketer must also have a leader that can evangelize this new marketing effort.

The report from Content Marketing Institute shows an impression adaption rate and clearly demonstrates manufacturers are taking advantage of the gift from Google…search.  This is just my own opinion, but I suspect if each of the respondents to this survey had elements of passion and leadership, the results would be even more impressive.

Want to see how one company changed the entire culture in 48 hours to become a content marketing machine…right here in Michigan?

Go to Marcus Sheridan’s blog post about “How to Change the Entire Social Media Culture of a Company in Less than 48 Hours“.

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