Lower Industrial Lead Generation with Inbound Marketing for Industrial

Can inbound marketing for industrial lower industrial lead generation costs? You bet. Here is a strategic primer

industrial_marketng-marketing_and_business_gears.jpgStay with me here, as there are several teachable moments for industrial marketers:

Those of you that know me and read this blog know that I am a certified HubSpot Partner and evangelist for inbound marketing for industrial. 

It just works…if executed properly.

I spend a lot of time during a normal day perusing through the web to validate my enthusiasm for inbound marketing for industrial. I use lots to tools to consolidate information gathering such as Google News, Feedly, Yahoo Reader, etc.  Of course, you can customize these services to feature the content that interests you the most. By far, my most productive app is Pocket. (www.getpocket.com) So… when I see an article that interests me I simply “Share” with Pocket and forget about it. 

Then when I am ready to write a blog post, I go to my personalize Pocket page and find the reference material that I saved days or months ago, all neatly organize on one web page.

After looking at my keyword rankings recently, I wanted to bolster my rankings for “inbound marketing for industrial” (currently #11 in search rankings) and also thinking about the costs of “industrial lead generation” (currently #13 in search rankings).

I noticed this excellent article by Vibhu Satpaul titled,  How Inbound Marketing Reduces the Cost of Lead Generation.

For industrial business owners and marketing professionals I found this to be an excellent overview of what inbound marketing can do for industrial marketing in terms of lowering B2B industrial lead generation costs.

Vibhu does an excellent job of calling out primary strategic considerations when it comes to inbound marketing and validates his arguments with good data…data I have checked out in the past.

I have implemented inbound marketing for industrial and found my experiences align with Vibhu’s arguments…especially the time required to achieve inbound marketing success. As Vibhu also states you need to “deeply commit yourself” to the inbound model.

After I post this article and probably another this coming week focused on the same topics, I predict both keywords will be on the first page of Google resulting in more page views and sales leads. Get the hint?

Can you deeply commit yourself to lower costs of industrial lead generation?


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Author: Tom Repp

A traditional industrial marketer...now a passionate evangelist for leveraging the digital channel for lead generation.

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