2 Guys & a Blog-An Example of Progressive Industrial Marketing

Developing a progressive industrial marketing strategy is hard work. These 2 guys make it fun and profitable using podcasts

making-chipsThrough my industrial blogging efforts, I meet Jason Zenger from Zenger’s Industrial Supply. Jason apparently noticed one of my blog posts via one of the LinkedIn Groups I participate in, mostly related to industrial internet marketing. Jason called me unexpectedly and wanted to meet at his business in the Chicago area.

Note…the power of an industrial marketing blog.

Long story, short; Jason collaborated with a good customer, Jim Carr, owner of CARR Machine & Tool and started a blog and podcast titled Making Chips

I became reacquainted with Jason when I listened to his podcast episode about industrial marketing, Marketing tactics you should STOP right now!

Jason and Jim’s mission is to provide quality information to the manufacturing industry by leveraging web technology. Their shtick…or brand theme is, “they get dirty”. They have both been in the trenches, Jim from the manufacturing side and Jason from the industrial supply side. According to their website, “MakingChips is here for us to report back from the factory floor to tell you what worked and what didn’t work”  I talked to Jason yesterday on the phone and he added, “We just want to be the voice of manufacturing.”

Jason and Jim are practicing content marketing for the benefit the metalworking industry…and their respective businesses. They started December 2014 and just recently passed 20K podcast downloads. That is a whole lot of marketing reach for two mid-size industrial businesses that just got started 10 months ago.

While in Kalamazoo, I interviewed my friend Marcus Sheridan. Marcus is a rock star when it comes to the advantages of content marketing…and podcasting. Jason and Jim are perfect examples of Marcus’s progressive attitude about using content for the benefit of industrial branding, marketing & sales.

Check out Jim & Jason’s podcasts at www.makingchips.com and see what a progressive industrial marketing strategy looks like.

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Author: Tom Repp

A traditional industrial marketer...now a passionate evangelist for leveraging the digital channel for lead generation.

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