10 Useless Things to Cut from Your (Industrial) Marketing

The industrial internet marketer is overwhelmed by all the new marketing tools & tactics. Here are 10 tactics to avoid.

useless things coverI guess according to Malcolm Gladwell’s popular “10,000-hours rule” I am an expert at web-based industrial marketing. I have easily logged 10,000 hours of experience dating back to 1998…the early days of the web.

I have meet with hundreds of industrial business owners and marketers. At almost every turn, I felt like a burial lot salesman. In most cases, I was dealing with a skeptical crowd.

Industrial marketers continue to be skeptical of all the new marketing opportunities: SEO, responsive web site design, link baiting, digital press releases, content marketing, inbound marketing, micro sites, blogging, analytics, paid search, mobile apps, social media….whheeeww.

They are confused. I don’t blame them.

For those that regularly read my blog you know I am committed to the web as a channel to market for industrial marketers. I believe that HubSpot is the virtual leader when it comes to thought-leadership in digital marketing.

I am not saying that all the tactics that HubSpot recommends or using HubSpot’s marketing automation software is a panacea for industrial marketers. But…they do employ some of the smartest marketing minds on the planet and it makes sense for industrial marketers to pay attention to HubSpot’s recommendations.

In my travels to all corners of the Midwest, I have seen industrial marketers’ stubble on all kinds of web-based marketing tactics.

I felt this e-book from HubSpot was relevant simply because I have seen every tactic described in this e-book used…most times, unsuccessfully.

Are you trying the tactics describe in this e-book? Are any of these tactics working for your industrial business?

Download NOW: 10 Useless Things to Cut from Your (Industrial) Marketing.

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Author: Tom Repp

A traditional industrial marketer...now a passionate evangelist for leveraging the digital channel for lead generation.

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