Marketing Automation for Industrial: Dominate with These 2 Components

As everything in life, there are no easy short-cuts that will ensure quality leads land on your loading dock. Most everything in life worth achieving is a long-term effort.

So it is with content marketing & marketing automation for industrial

My customers and prospects often ask me the quickest way to generate leads using web-based tactics. I remind them there is NO QUICK WAY.  However, there are two components that will offer a SURE WAY to improve your brand image, top-of-mind awareness and, ultimately leads.


Yep, a sure-fire evangelist that knows your industrial market.  An evangelist that knows both traditional marketing as well as new media marketing. Why? Because as good as the web and new media can be, it is ALWAYS better integrating the old marketing tactics that work with the new stuff. (i.e. SEO, industrial content marketing, marketing automation, A/B testing, analytics, PPC, social marketing, etc., etc.)

Now…an evangelist can come in many forms.

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When You Do Industrial Content Marketing…Do No Evil

I was in the car today and made the mistake of answering a local number that was not identified by caller ID. Sure enough, I had to put my nasty hat on and tell them to “get lost”.

My wife and I switched from Android to iPhone last month at the assistance of my wife…actually my wife’s friends, as well as my own kids. (Domestic tranquility is bliss.)

I noticed that several of my favorite blogs were now populated with extremely annoying pop-up ads on the iPhone versus my old Android. I will fix that!

It seems like every website you visit now has followed you around like some sleazeball stalker and then displays ads for the last watch you were looking at on Amazon, that last automobile you were researching or those magnificent golf clubs you had your eye on. Creeps me out.

Technology is great. Your car works better because of technology. Your medical care is better because of technology. Industry is more productive because of technology.  And so, it goes.

But marketing is suffering because of technology & marketing automation…and big-data is the culprit.

Now marketing professionals can slice & dice customer data and push data and annoying ads to millions of customers and a meager 1% conversion renders a healthy return on their investment.

I hear it almost daily from my marketing friends, “But…it just works”. To me it is evil.

If you know me and read this blog you know that I am a believer in using the web, big-data and marketing automation to gain a competitive advantage over your industrial competitors.


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[PODCAST] Marketing Automation for Industrial: Grab a Competitive Edge

Join Tom Repp and Bruce McDuffee from Manufacturing Marketing Institute and explore why marketing automation for industrial can provide a competitive edge.

marketing_automaton_for_industrial.jpgWondering about marketing automation for your industrial company?  Wondering if your industrial marketing strategy needs a shot of adrenalin?

Here are some answers.

Join Tom Repp and Bruce McDuffee from Manufacturing Marketing Institute and hear about the risks and rewards of using marketing automation for industrial.

Key takeaways from this informative podcast:

  • What is marketing automation?
  • Why is it different from Constant Contact?
  • How marketing automation gives industrial marketers’ a competitive advantage?
  • Why understanding content saturation is critical for online dominance
  • Why your buyer’s new behavior demands great content?
  • Who should not use marketing automation?

CLICK HERE for Tom & Bruce’s podcast, An Opportunity for Manufacturers to Gain a Competitive Edge With Marketing Automation

5 Reasons Marketing Automation for Industrial Must be Deployed

Industrial marketers using marketing automation is still rare. Here are 5 reasons to take another look at marketing automation for industrial.

sherlock_holmes.jpgI guess by Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000 hours of deliberate practice” rule I am a “world-class” industrial internet marketer. Not sure, “world-class” is accurate, but I am confident that I offer more experience than most concerning the best way to leverage the web for industrial branding and lead generation.

Given my knowledge and experience I believe the advent of marketing automation for industrial offers our rust-belted friends a unique opportunity.

The folks that write the checks often ask me, “Tom, name the top business reasons why I should go down the marketing automation road.”

So…after much deliberation and consulting with others knowledgeable about marketing automation for industrial…here you go.

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For B2B Lead Generation…It Is ALL SYSTEMS GO

HECO Industrial Services Group takes advantage of the gifts that Google has given them and deploys an inbound marketing strategy with a fresh brand theme…All Systems Go

HECO-All_Systems_Go.jpgEvery now and then, I need to participate in a shameless plug and demonstrate some of the work we are doing on behalf of our customers. We are changing the face of industrial marketing by creating a web-based, growth-driven, lead generating machines.

At The Repp Group, we recently launched a new website for HECO Industrial Services at  Allow me to toot HECO’s horn…and ours.

First, with help from Maxwell and Miller, we pumped up the HECO brand theme.

After exhaustive interviews with the owners, engineers and the sales group, we knew we had to distance HECO from the typical industrial supplier.  HECO sells much more than electric motors. They provide piece of mind on the plant floor by optimizing the performance of the entire electric motor-driven powertrain.

As I have written in several blog posts, industrial suppliers have a wealth of content stuck in their file cabinets and banker boxes.  It was no different at HECO. Continuing our interviews, we found plenty of content in their file cabinets to build a strong brand case…and years’ worth of blog posts. We also found plenty of great content in HECO’s mental “file cabinets”.

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Marketing Automation for Industrial: Holy Grail or Fail?

Marketing automation for industrial marketing can be a huge competitive advantage, IF you can find the right talent

industrial_marketing_failure_or_success.jpgInbound marketing on a marketing automation platform has become a hot topic within industrial marketing departments. Inquisitive & perceptive industrial marketers want to know the real story behind marketing automation. Is it the holy grail of marketing, as some say? On the other hand, is it a marketing boondoggle?

While taking a break from my grandkids over the Holidays I noticed this report from my favorite marketing automation provider, HubSpot, in the Business 2 Community blog. This report sheds some light on the nagging questions.

There is tons of marketing automation platforms out there. Knock yourself out if you want to research them.  In a recent video, Marcus Sheridan, marketing automation evangelist, provides a  holistic view of marketing automation, Is HubSpot and Marketing Automation Right for Your Business?  I believe Marcus’ assignments are just as valid for industrial as any sector.

In my mind, HubSpot provides the best experience and results for the small to mid-size industrial market, where my practice focuses. The State of Inbound reports in the past have been spot-on in terms of my experience on the ground.

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Can Marketing Automation Provide ROI for Industrial Marketers?

Industrial marketers have a greater opportunity for ROI than most businesses using marketing automation

marketing_automaton_for_industrialStay with me on this short blog post. There is big payoff at the end for your industrial marketing strategy.

Marketing automation for industrial comes with a healthy dose of skepticism. John Wanamaker, considered the “pioneer in marketing”, long ago said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” It is not surprising industrial marketers’ are skeptical of marketing automation and its benefits. They want sales.  They want ROI. They want it now.

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Using HubSpot [Marketing Automation] vs.Traditional Industrial Marketing?

Industrial marketing strategy:The most important question an industrial marketer can ask himself.

marketing_automaton_for_industrialNow…here is the big question for owners and marketers of industrial products.

In the last 3 years, in your personal and professional life, have you ever purchased anything without first checking in with Google? The answer is probably, “Of course, I always check with Google before I make a purchase.”

Then, why doesn’t your sales and marketing content (blogs, emails, spec sheets, how-to’s, ebooks, etc.) greet your prospects and customers when they look for your company’s products in Google & other search engines?

I know the answer.

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Which Marketing Automation Platform is Best for Industrial Marketing

Is marketing automation right for the industrial marketer. Here are a couple views of marketing automation and benefits industrial marketers will find

marketing_automaton_for_industrialMarketing automation is a topic of conversation in almost every marketing brain dump in conference rooms around the world. Industrial marketers have been slow to the trough of marketing automation and lead generation.

Content Marketing Institute’s research tells us things are changing in last March’s report, Manufacturing: B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing   CMI’s research tells us there is rapid adoption, but success is still elusive for industrial marketers.

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Can Wix, Foursquare, etc. Satisfy Your Online Industrial Marketing Needs?

Online content management systems such as make building a web site easier than ever. Are they right for the industrial marketer?

content management systemsI recently was ask by a prospect, “Why can’t I just use to create my own web site?”.

I thought and replied, “Good question”. If this prospect has that question, then it is safe to say that others are thinking the same. I also thought, “That would make a great blog post”.

First, let us look under the hood of and see what you get with a, “free”, online content management system or web-builder.

With the help from my friend and E-business marketing major at the Haworth School of Business at WMU, Joe Williams, we address the subject of inexpensive content management systems as they apply to industrial marketing. Continue reading “Can Wix, Foursquare, etc. Satisfy Your Online Industrial Marketing Needs?”