Want To Be # 1 In Google For Your Industrial Products? Blog About Costs

Industrial marketers are still laggards when it comes to leveraging the blog as lead generation strategy. Maybe this will get their attention?

marcus sheridan tom reppI recently did an interview with Marcus Sheridan, one of the real leaders and evangelists for content marketing.

Although my interview with Marcus was focused on the industrial market, we were able to have some private conversations before and after my on-camera interview while in Kalamazoo.

As many of you, I have watched several of Marcus’s presentations and admired his success, particularly the way he turned around his, “really boring”, pool company by simply blogging. His formula for success was extremely simple.

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How Much Does an Industrial Web Site Really Cost?

Don’t look at costs for your industrial web site. Look at the opportunity for lead generation & sales

head in the sand-b2b marketingWARNING: This post is just over 2000 words. However, this is valuable information if you are considering investing in a new web site for your B2B industrial company.

This past week I had the pleasure of spending considerable time with some real pioneers in web marketing, Mark Jones, President of Amerifirst Mortgage, Dan Moyle, Amerifirst’s Inbound Marketing Specialist and also Marcus Sheridan from River Pools and Sales Lion fame.

I know these businessmen well and know their success comes from looking well beyond the cost of building a web site. These companies have made content marketing a culture and their vision is paying huge dividends for all three organizations.

It is my hope that this article allows you to look well beyond the costs and think of your web site as a marketing asset and not an expense.

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Marcus Sheridan on Life, Business & the Future of Industrial Marketing

Tom Repp at industrial-internet-marketer interviews inbound marketing’s rock star, Marcus Sheridan, about the future of industrial marketing.

marcus sheridan-tom reppIf you are involved in content marketing and have not heard of Marcus Sheridan you aren’t really involved in content marketing.  Sorry.

Marcus Sheridan was on the verge of bankruptcy in the depths of the 2008 recession and found HubSpot and content marketing and embraced the concept of content marketing and inbound marketing in order to, literally, save his business and his home.

Marcus is now one of the leading evangelists for HubSpot, content marketing or inbound marketing…whatever you want to call it. (If you worry about the semantics, you miss the point: The Difference Between Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing: Industrial Marketers Need to Know )

Marcus is an evangelist because he made content marketing a culture at his “boring” business in Virginia…fiberglass swimming pools.  His success is legendary.

Industrial marketers, B2B manufacturers and industrial suppliers can find the same success that Marcus has.

I caught up with Marcus in Kalamazoo this past week and asked him about his journey and how his success relates to my industrial marketing friends.

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Manufacturers Need to Know: How Are B2B Manufacturers Adapting to Content & Inbound Marketing [Report from Content Marketing Institute]

Curious Manufacturers & Industrial Marketers Want to Know. Content Marketing Institute Publishes Report on How Manufacturers are Using Content Marketing.

blogging equals more leadsMost of my customers know I am big believer in content marketing or inbound marketing for industrial lead generation. Typically the first question out of their mouth is, “How much does it cost?” or “Who else is doing it?”

In terms of costs, I wrote a blog about content marketing costs a couple months ago.  Check it out. 

But…in terms of actual adaption here is a recent report from the Content Marketing Institute.

Want to know how your competitors are using content marketing and what their struggles have been? Want to know if the content marketing thing actually works?  Want to know how well it works?  Read their report right here: Continue reading “Manufacturers Need to Know: How Are B2B Manufacturers Adapting to Content & Inbound Marketing [Report from Content Marketing Institute]”