Industrial Marketing Strategy: 10 Concepts to Grow By

Many of you that follow my blog know that I am a big fan of David Meerman Scott. David is a real thought-leader in the age of search, social and mobile. He is also a best-selling author when it comes to marketing, sales and service. David understands the fast changing marketing landscape better than anyone.

(David was kind enough to endorse my recent book, The Essentials of Industrial Marketing,..The Inbound Way)

I am often approached by B2B industrial owners that truly struggle with the web and the effects the digital channel has on their industrial marketing strategy & sales strategy going forward.

They know things have to change, they are just not sure where to begin.

I recently had the President of a 30-million-dollar machine builder tell me, “Tom, I don’t even know the right questions to ask.”

So…when I came across one of the David Meerman’s Scott’s recent blog posts, I thought it was ideal for the CEO strategist trying to wrap his sales & marketing mind around the alien digital channel.

David outlines 10 concepts that ALL industrial owners need to embrace before they develop a new industrial marketing & sales strategy. David’s 10 concepts are a great place to start.

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2 Critical Steps for Your Industrial Marketing Strategy

David Meerman Scott, industrial marketing strategy Discussions about industrial marketing strategy often begin with, “Do I need to update my website”.  “I have heard a lot about content marketing for industrial. Do I need to do content marketing?” “What about mobile?”  Or, “How can rank better with Google?”  Etc. etc.

If you read this blog often you know that I am a huge fan of David Meerman Scott, best-selling author of the New Rules of Sales & Service, a must read of the savvy industrial marketer.

David Meerman Scott’s recent interview at The Microsoft Partner Network breaks down my typical responses to the questions above. Before you update your website, before you decide to do a blog, before you optimize for search engines, before you update for mobile…before you do anything, take these two critical steps.

  • Understand what your industrial customers really want. (Do not assume you already know what they want. Interview them to find out.)
  • Create content that helps them get what they want.

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7 Content Marketing Lessons Manufacturers Learned in 2013

B2B Manufacturers have been slow to adapt content marketing for lead generation. We list 7 lessons industrial marketers have learned this past year and hints on what to do in 2014.

blogging equals more leadsWe have all heard it…content marketing for manufacturers is all the rage. Have B2B manufacturers adapted to this new channel to market?  According to a recent survey from GlobalSpec only about 50% of B2B industrial manufacturers are spending more on content this year.  From my experience in the field the smaller to mid-size B2B manufacturers are not even close to 50% adaption rate. (This is just my guess, but I would say less than 25% have started content marketing) To me, this makes no sense when 93% of B2B buyers use online search to source products and services. (per research from Marketo, a marketing automation company).

I have my own theories why adaption rates are slow. I expanded my thoughts in a recent blog titled, Is This the Invisible Skill Set Industrial Marketers are Missing?

But…for those of us that did EMBRACE content marketing for manufacturing, what did we learn in 2013? As a practicing industrial marketer and content marketer this is a list of the top 7 things I learned about manufacturers who adapted content marketing this past year. Continue reading “7 Content Marketing Lessons Manufacturers Learned in 2013”