Are Your Industrial Eyes Wide Open to Opportunity?

industrial marketing strategy and eyes wide openI am sorry, but I am beating the drum again.

While I was at the company I founded, Market Pipeline, I started to notice alarming trends when Google continued to make changes to their algorithm to improve the search experience. These changes would have profound effects on our customers’ industrial marketing strategies.

First, Google was improving the search experience at a daunting pace.  My industrial friends & buyers were now relying on Google as “gospel” for all things related to industrial…products, services, specifications, technical data, etc.

It was clear to me that if our Market Pipeline customers did not greet their customers with the information their buyers wanted…then, our customers were missing out on their buyers’ with specific intent, (i.e. A great lead). Our customers were also missing a great opportunity for top-of-mind awareness. (i.e. Industrial branding)

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Voice Search for Industrial Explodes: Industrial Marketers Fall Further Behind

voice search for industrial

Would you ignore 20% of your industrial buyers?

The latest marketing data from Google says that “20% of mobile queries are voice searches”,

WOW…as an industrial marketer officer you know things are changing. You agonize…“Would my marketing world please stop spinning?”

You would like to ignore the recent news from Google that voice search is exploding. Not possible, since you just used voice search to shop for bike rakes: “OK Google, find reviews for the best tray style bike rakes”.

Machine learning and voice assistants are taking over and as an industrial marketer you need to be prepared. Voice search for industrial is here.

As an industrial marketer, where do you begin?  How do I survive?


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Content Shock for Industrial Content Marketing? No way!

There is no content shock for industrial content marketing

Generally, content marketing is still the hottest thing in marketing. However, industrial content marketing remains underutilized and a significant opportunity for industrial marketers.

In 2014, at content marketing’s frenzied peak, Mark Schaefer horrified the marketing community with a blog post titled: Content Shock: Why content marketing is not a sustainable strategy.  Schaefer’s basic premise is based on supply and demand.

This was a real shocker for content marketing evangelists such as me and some of my content marketing partners.

Schaefer continues, “Depending on what study you read, the amount of available web-based content (the supply) is doubling every 9 to24 months. Unimaginable, really”.

No doubt…we are all amazed at the amount of quality information available for just about any topic on the planet. Schaefer continues, “The upward trend of content consumption is not sustainable because every human has a physiological, inviolable limit to the amount of contend they can consume.”

I agree with Schaefer’s basic assessment.  However, I do not believe it holds true for the industrial market.

Let me explain:

Basically, good content is found using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. If you create great content for your prospects, what marketing value does it provide if not found by your audience?  So, generally a good marketer will build content around critical keyword phrases for their business.

For example, a Parker hydraulics store might specialize in custom hydraulic manifold building. This unique product separates them from other hydraulic suppliers or other Parker dealers in the region. Therefore, the content marketing minds get together and decide to create an online e-book titled, How to Specify & Buy a Custom Hydraulic Manifold.  The wizards also create a landing page with the keyword phrase, “custom hydraulic manifold” in the URL address, as well as title tag and meta description tag.  They also promote the content on their blog, as well as other channels like email and Linkedin industry groups.

I guarantee the landing page and downloadable e-book will be at the top of Google in a week for the keyword phrase, “custom hydraulic manifold”.  Can you say, “lead generation”?  Can you say, “branding…with a long reach”?

Here’s why.

There is no content shock for the content built around, “custom hydraulic manifold”. Or, put another way, the content saturation level for “custom hydraulic manifold” is extremely low.  In fact, there are ONLY 233 pages on the web with “custom hydraulic manifold” in the title tag. (For the industrial market, I consider anything below 10,000 pages easy pickings.)

In fact, I would call it a CONTENT VOID.

Low hanging fruit.

For the millennial engineer looking for helpful information, this content is highly sustainable as a lead generation tactic. It hardly has a “physiological, inviolable limit”

If the Parker dealer focused on helping their plant floor engineers in their daily challenges and “flooded the zone” with helpful content over a period of a year or two, the dealer could build a sustainable “digital moat” around their business because they would “own” the first page of Google for “custom hydraulic manifolds.”  They would soon be a trusted advocate for the engineers that actually purchase these products.


Because Google rewards the web pages and content that has longevity and garners the most clicks.  Not only that…your marketing efforts live on the web forever, creating sustainable, top-of-mind branding and lead generation benefits.

Content Shock for the industrial market?  Far from it.

I would call it a CONTENT VOID.

Will you fill that void?

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Industrial Marketing Strategy-Where to Go From Here?

Patrick D. Mahoney, President & CEO of IEEE GlobalSpec and his organization not only provide the best market research for the industrial market, but they are the most influential in terms of thought leadership.  If you are looking for leadership for your industrial marketing, this is a good place to start

Mr. Mahoney recently was interviewed by , an online publication, focused on internet advertising.

So…it makes sense to stand up and take notice on what Mr. Mahoney and GlobalSpec have to say. With one caveat.

As an industrial marketer, you must keep in mind that GlobalSpec’s business model is built on a business model that buyers are starting to reject. GlobalSpec is swimming upstream against an industrial buyer that will not be interrupted by all the clutter on a web page.  The new industrial buyer wants to go to Google, type in specific questions or requirements and directed to high quality, helpful content.  Right now.

With that said, I agree with Mr. Mahoney; “In today’s digital media landscape, there is no single magic bullet for reaching the industrial customer. Companies must incorporate several channels and tactics in the marketing mix”   GlobalSpec is certainly a critical channel that should be part of your industrial marketing mix.

I would also draw your attention to Mr. Mahoney’s most important statement in his interview, in my opinion.

Content marketing enables manufacturers to become a trusted resource and be better positioned to win business. Conversely, their audiences seeks content to help them make informed decisions

I could not agree more and I wrote a blog post about this subject titled, Why Understanding Content Saturation is a Bonanza for Industrial Marketers.

So…reading Mr. Mahoney’s article would be good use of your time. If you don’t have the time now, here are the key takeaways at:

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[Podcast] David Meerman Scott: New Rules of Industrial Marketing

David Meerman Scott: Let the best selling author and a premier thought-leader shake up your industrial marketing strategy & create a competitive edge

david-meerman_scott.jpgI had the fortunate opportunity to speak with David Meerman Scott when he was in Kalamazoo a while back.  David is the best-selling author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR and also The New Rules of Sales & Service. David is also a keynote speaker for dozens of events…focused on the changing dynamics of marketing.  More specifically, the changing behavior of your industrial buyer.

While in Kalamazoo, David was kind enough to endorse my e-book ,  The Essential Guide to Industrial Marketing…The Inbound Way.

I then introduced David to my friend, Bruce McDuffee from Manufacturing Marketing Institute. David was also kind enough to be interviewed by Bruce for his popular podcasts.

Anyway…if you want to create a competitive advantage in your industrial niche using industrial content marketing, please listen to Bruce McDuffee and David Meerman Scott discuss the New Rules of Sales & Marketing in Manufacturing….plus, find out how NewsJacking works for the B2B manufacturing market.

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[Book Review] Vanquish Your Competitors Using Industrial Content Marketing

Need to pump up your industrial content marketing strategy? Want to vanquish your competitors? Pick up Bruce McDuffee’s book, The New Way to Market for Manufacturing.

New-Way-Cover-paperback_200-hiresI recently meet with my friend Bruce McDuffee, a fellow industrial marketing consultant for breakfast at the Content Marketing Institute conference in Cleveland. Bruce and I have talked numerous times on the phone and have produced a couple podcasts together at Since the first time I stumbled on Bruce’s Manufacturer’s Growth Manifesto , I knew we were fighting the same, rust-belted, demons that hold back dramatic growth in the industrial sector.

Bruce and I are “brothers” when it comes to industrial marketing. Bruce and I read off the same page.  In this case, we read off the same book. Bruce, recently released his book, The New Way to Market for Manufacturing, Innovation That Grows Your Business.

If you want to gain competitive advantage and improve your company’s growth rates, learn how to leverage industrial content marketing to pump up your industrial marketing strategy.

As Bruce says, “This is a gigantic opportunity”.  Put another way, “Your manufacturing company is sitting on a gold mine”, says McDuffee.

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[PODCAST] Marketing Automation for Industrial: Grab a Competitive Edge

Join Tom Repp and Bruce McDuffee from Manufacturing Marketing Institute and explore why marketing automation for industrial can provide a competitive edge.

marketing_automaton_for_industrial.jpgWondering about marketing automation for your industrial company?  Wondering if your industrial marketing strategy needs a shot of adrenalin?

Here are some answers.

Join Tom Repp and Bruce McDuffee from Manufacturing Marketing Institute and hear about the risks and rewards of using marketing automation for industrial.

Key takeaways from this informative podcast:

  • What is marketing automation?
  • Why is it different from Constant Contact?
  • How marketing automation gives industrial marketers’ a competitive advantage?
  • Why understanding content saturation is critical for online dominance
  • Why your buyer’s new behavior demands great content?
  • Who should not use marketing automation?

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Many industrial marketers are finally looking to content marketing for industrial for lead generation. Here is how NOT to do it.

content_marketing_for_industrial-how_not_to.jpgI was recently called into to consult with a mid-size manufacturer in Indiana. The President was an old high school basketball teammate and he wanted advice on the best way to generate more traffic and leads from their website. He simply felt the opportunity for lead generation had passed his company by when it came to leveraging the power of the web.

He was right.

Their business was doing well and they had some unique differentiating features for their industrial product, so I viewed this as an excellent opportunity. It was easy to see that their products needed a brand theme or story that would resonate differences in the marketplace.

I then met the new marketing manager that was hell-bent on firing up an aggressive content marketing campaign. The President was also hell-bent on using a local web developer to freshen up their website. Just like his impatience on the basketball court, he demanded that a new website be finished in one month.

The marketing manager had read lots of content on the web about content marketing for industrial (…Or, as some call it, inbound marketing for industrial).  He devoured much of the content by HubSpot about content marketing. (HubSpot’s founder, Brian Halligan, was the originator of the term “inbound marketing”). The marketing manager actually found my blog because of my HubSpot certification and my blog’s focus on industrial internet marketing,

The marketing manager also attended Content Marketing World this past September in Cleveland. He was fired up and now had a shiny new toy. The problem was, he had no experience deploying a content campaign and had not read the entire instruction manual.

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Google’s RankBrain: Another Gift for Industrial Marketers

Industrial marketers should embrace Google’s changes to their algorithm with great industrial content marketing. RankBrain is just the latest

printed_circuit-RankBrain.jpgMost industrial marketers do not embrace SEO as they should (I know…I have been helping them for 14 years), let alone Google’s new algorithm called RankBrain.

RankBrain…sounds intimidating doesn’t it?

RankBrain is just another algorithm update from Google that improves the search experience for its users.  RankBrain is “machine-learning artificial intelligence technology” that will continue to deliver improved search results, satisfying your industrial customer’s need for answers to their questions. The “machine-learning” part of the algorithm is the new technology Google is promoting.

Google tells us that RankBrain is the “third-most” important signal contributing to page rank. Amazingly Google will not tell us the first two.  Silly Google.

My guess is, links (i.e. “votes” for your webpages) remain the most important signal and the actual words you use in your content (i.e. webpages, white papers, e-books) are the second most important signal for Google.

What does all this mean for the industrial internet marketing?

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[Podcast] HUGE B2B Lead Generation Opportunity for Mfgs

[Podcast] Understanding content saturation is key to a successful content or inbound marketing strategy B2B manufacturing & all industrial marketers

content_marketing_techniques.jpgBruce McDuffee and I did our first podcast at Manufacturing Marketing Institute. Our topic was content saturation and how the lack of good content from your industrial competitors creates a huge opportunity for B2B lead generation for savvy industrial marketers.

Key takeaways from this podcast:

  • A fresh way to look at your industrial marketing strategy
  • Content marketing or inbound marketing works, but it is hard and it is worth getting some outside help.
  • Take advantage of the huge opportunity by embracing modern marketing strategy & tactics, SEO, content marketing and marketing automation.
  • A particular focus on the concept of content saturation and how to use Google’s commands to research your competitors’

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