Will Inbound Marketing “Obliterate” Industrial Marketing as Brian Halligan Suggests?

Inbound marketing (some call it content marketing) is dramatically changing industrial marketers’ go-to-market strategy. Brian Halligan, might be the guy that started it all.

inbound marketing a magnet that attracts customersA lifetime ago, in March 2012, Forbes published an article and interview with Brian Halligan, the CEO and co-founder of HubSpot, the leader in marketing automation software. HubSpot’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) helps the right-brain crowd manage all the content a company deploys on the web.  Once HubSpot’s snippet of code is installed on a web page its “all-in-one” dashboard quickly identifies content that works and content that does not work…then helps marketing personnel make adjustments to improve traffic to their web site and lead generation.

Imagine creating a display ad for an industrial trade journal. You buy the space, you insert the ad and find out the ad was a flop…no readership, no interest, no phone calls, no leads. For inbound marketing we call that “no-conversion”.

Now imagine creating 2 or 3 of the same ads with different graphics, different copy and different emphasis. You deploy the first ad, once again it flops.  Now you try the second ad and the “conversion rate” is significantly improved and the phone rings as a result of your adjustment…on the fly.

No more wondering which half of the marketing budget worked and which half did not.

That’s the power of inbound marketing, except the ads (i.e. content such e-books, blog posts, white papers, etc.) are in the digital space instead of traditional media. As Halligan says, “The Millennial generation has permanently changed the way they interact with companies and brands.”

And I do believe it will “obliterate” industrial marketing as we know it. Continue reading “Will Inbound Marketing “Obliterate” Industrial Marketing as Brian Halligan Suggests?”