Industrial Sales Reps Don’t Need Business Cards Anymore

Do Industrial Sales Reps Still Need Business Cards?

no business cards-industrial sales repsWell…maybe a few.  Let me explain

We all know your customers and buyers are more informed than ever.  It is now said by several trusted resources, such as Gartner, Forrester etc., that your buyer is 70% through the buying’s journey before the sales group has a chance of getting their hooks into them.

I recently was in my office at home when my 15 year old Denon receiver took a dump.  I quickly went to the web and researched receivers that fit my specifications.  In less than a half hour I had made a decision on which receiver was best for my application. Normally I would have ordered on Amazon, where I read many reviews as part of my research.  Instead, I needed the receiver quickly so I jumped in the car and drove off to Best Buy.

I walked briskly in the door at Best Buy, proceeded directly to the home entertainment area  and picked up my new Yamaha RX-575 Receiver.

Done.  No interaction with a salesperson. Continue reading “Industrial Sales Reps Don’t Need Business Cards Anymore”

Is Marketing Automation Worth It? …9 Business Reasons Why Industrial Marketers Must Embrace It

If you want comprehensive resources for industrial marketing automation and industrial content marketing…you found the right link.

blogging equals more leadsFew deny that marketing automation can provide measurable benefits for all types of businesses. Marketing automation still has a low adaptation rate among industrial marketers. Industrial marketers are still hesitant to stick their toe in the water.  My experience and research tells me the ones that have adapted marketing automation have, almost universally, underutilized the software and resulting benefits.

I would like to briefly examine why that is and identify real business reasons why marketing automation just makes sense for industrial marketers. Continue reading “Is Marketing Automation Worth It? …9 Business Reasons Why Industrial Marketers Must Embrace It”

Best Practices for Business Blogging (Case Study)…& Major Benefits Industrial Marketers are Missing

Want to read a real live case study of a very boring industrial company that has mastered business blogging with spectacular results…Indium Corporation in Utica, NY

blogging equals more leadsAs industrial marketers we have all heard it.  We all know someone that expands on the virtues of blogging for business.  I know industrial marketers reading this are wondering, “How and the heck am I going to find time to blog about my business”

As my old basketball coaches used to say, “It’s not what happens between the base lines, it what happens between your ears”

I suggest you change your attitude about the web in general.

View the web as the OPPORTUNITY that you have been looking for to improve your company’s brand and improve lead generation.  If you embrace that attitude you can exploit the web to foster the dramatic changes you envision.

Sorry! The first place to start is a blog.  Continue reading “Best Practices for Business Blogging (Case Study)…& Major Benefits Industrial Marketers are Missing”

Industrial Marketing Wisdom from the Salty Dog Café

Industrial Marketing Wisdom from the Salty Dog Café. What to do, right now, to get started with a successful industrial marketing strategy.

blogging equals more leadsI was recently on vacation and could not help but notice this tired, yet sage advice from the Salty Dog Cafe in South Beach Village on Hilton Head Island.

One of my goals during my vacation was to re-read David Meerman Scott’s, The New Rules of Marketing and PR (fourth edition, just released).   I did get through most of Scott’s fourth edition and came away more convince than ever that industrial marketers are sitting on a powder keg of opportunity.  Yet, many industrial marketers are not aware of this global phenomenon that is right under their posteriors. Continue reading “Industrial Marketing Wisdom from the Salty Dog Café”

Direct Mail vs. Email for Industrial Marketers. What Works Best?

Study from Harvard Business Review (HBR) comparing the ROI of direct mail versus e-mail.

blogging equals more leadsI have often wondered if there were quantitative differences between direct mail ROI (return on investment) and email ROI?

I recently found a study done this past January (2013) from Harvard Business Review.  It is very instructive and appears to answer some pretty basic questions and dilemmas we all face while marketing to your industrial customers. Continue reading “Direct Mail vs. Email for Industrial Marketers. What Works Best?”

Can Your Industrial Product Become a Poster Child?

Blog post from Tom Repp about content marketing for industrial marketers and the opportunties they are missing by not engaging their audience earlier in the sales funnel

poster_childIn the highly acclaimed book about content marketing titled Content Rules ( Handley and Chapman identify HubSpot as the “poster child” of content marketing.  If you have spent time browsing the web about industrial marketing or marketing in general you have run across some of HubSpot’s content.  The content…whether a white paper, a blog post or video is designed to engage more customers at the top of the sales funnel.  Continue reading “Can Your Industrial Product Become a Poster Child?”

Is Your Web Site a Billboard on I-94?

Is Your Industrial Website a Billboard on I-94?

billboardI travel often between Kalamazoo and Detroit on Michigan’s International Speedway better known as Interstate 94.

If you have driven that busy highway before you know there are a ton of unsightly billboards.

The other day I took a survey with myself.   About half of the billboards I could not read at 70-80 mph and the other half did not connect in terms of the company’s brand message.  Yet the majority were produced by an agency or communication company that is supposed to be an expert at this stuff. Continue reading “Is Your Web Site a Billboard on I-94?”

Your industrial brand! WHY?

This is a presentation by Simon Sinek titled, “How great leaders inspire action”. But to me this about how some brands connect with consumers and some do not.


I think about the effectiveness of branding often for my industrial customers.  Does branding or a strong corporate message resonate to an industrial buyer or plant engineer as it would with a consumer purchasing a soft drink?

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