Industrial Video, A Case Study: Your Key to 75% Online Visibility

industrial video & online visibility percentageSo…what is online visibility percentage & what does video have to do with it?

Online visibility percentage is how often your website is found on the web for a specific set of topics that are critical to your business.

I used to be in retail management for a chain of 25 high-end men’s clothing stores. (Boy…am I glad I don’t do that anymore!) We used to fiercely negotiate with mall owners for the spots with the best visibility. As you know, men did not frequent malls like the fairer sex, so ease of entrance, was critical in our negotiations. I remember we moved a store in a Chicago mall from one end of the mall to the other just because the store was just beyond a popular sports bar at the entrance of the mall. Our business improved the following year by 20%.

Visibility percentage is critical when it comes to online marketing and the most important metric for B2B industrial marketers.

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