Industrial Marketing Strategy-Don’t Forget the Marketing

industrial content marketing interestThe savvy industrial marketers that have been paying attention to their industrial marketing strategy and marketing trends, know there has been dramatic growth and interest in “content marketing”. Just look at the graph below from 2004 (the year I started to present, demonstrating the search volume or interest in the discipline of “content marketing” in the “Business & Industrial” sector.

Content marketing has become the new shiny object. Fortunately for astute industrial marketers, many of their competitors are not adapting well…as I will explain.  

interest in content marketing from Google Trends
From Google Trends-for Business & Industrial Sector-from 2004 to present

But let’s look back just a few years to get some perspective.

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User Intent – One of Industrial Marketers’ Potent Weapons

targeting user intent for the industrial marketer

I try and walk for 30-40 minutes every morning at the local high school. Typically, I will listen to talk radio via my blue tooth head piece. My “user intent” is to listen to talk radio, not advertising. This morning I had to listen to 13 minutes of commercials before I got to the actual content I was interested in. Almost half my walk wasted on interruptions I was not interested in.

Good thing the track was vacant at the time. I said a few “choice” words. Very frustrating.

I would define user intent as the art of detecting & filling a need.

The same frustration happens when a web user (a future prospect) goes to the web to look for information for their next purchase, whether it be a new car, a new set of golf clubs or a new CNC machine for the plant floor. Your user intent is to find information quickly…without annoying interruptions.

So it is with your prospects.

They are looking for product & service information from your company. Typically, in the awareness and consideration stage. The industrial content that is artfully created to meet your customer’s expectation will connect immediately.

So…how do you fine tune your industrial content to satisfy your prospect’s intent?

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