Industrial Content Marketing is Void…If Not Found

How NOT to do industrial content marketing.

industrial_content_marketing-be_found.jpgThis is a teachable moment.

We recently worked with a $60 million dollar B2B industrial manufacturer. They decided they needed to pump up their brand and their web site and get involved with industrial content marketing to do so.

Without in-house expertise, they assembled the necessary vendors to accomplish their rebranding and lead generation efforts.

The Repp Group offered a complete end-to-end industrial content marketing strategy, including fresh branding, an SEO-friendly website built around a brand theme (Not focused on product, but helpful solutions to the engineering crowd), a steady & consistent stream of content built on a mainstream marketing automation platform.  The pricing and execution were almost identical to a similar industrial customer we currently work with…successfully driving top-of-mind awareness and lead generation.

However, the marketing manager had other ideas.

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Industrial Content Marketing is Tough…But Worth It

Industrial content marketing provides a competitive advantage,if done properly. Read Achinta Mitra’s blog post for a dose of reality.

industrial_content_marketing_is_a_struggle.jpgI have done industrial content marketing for 5 years. I know what works and what does not work. I maintain the industrial marketers that start a quality content marketing strategy now, will build a digital moat around their businesses with competitive advantages. Most will need outside help to get there.

However, I believe the rewards will be significant for forward thinking industrial marketers.

But…it is tough. I always want to give my clients’ a dose of reality.

  • Is the owner or C-suite on board with content marketing?
  • If industrial content marketing does work, can they handle the RFQs and leads?
  • Do they really have the resources to mount a content marketing strategy that resonates with buyers?
  • Will they need outside help to get started with a quality effort?
  • Etc, etc….

I know most of the “players” in the industrial content marketing “space” and monitor all their blogs. I noticed this one from Achinta Mitra, a terrific industrial marketing professional in the Houston area.

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Your Industrial Brand Should Be Your “Publisher”

If you are on the road to content marketing for industrial, then allow your brand theme to lead your publishing efforts

for_industrial_branding-pitch_the_dream.jpgThat’s right, your industrial brand should be your “publisher”.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. Maybe the concept will help a few industrial marketers pick up the mantel of content marketing for industrial & run with it for competitive advantage.

I have always considered Harley Davidson to be one the best companies in the world at branding.  Harley sells “The Dream” better than anyone. Just read some the copy on Harley-Davidson’s current website, each associated with one of their fine machines:

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