[PODCAST] Marketing Automation for Industrial: Grab a Competitive Edge

Join Tom Repp and Bruce McDuffee from Manufacturing Marketing Institute and explore why marketing automation for industrial can provide a competitive edge.

marketing_automaton_for_industrial.jpgWondering about marketing automation for your industrial company?  Wondering if your industrial marketing strategy needs a shot of adrenalin?

Here are some answers.

Join Tom Repp and Bruce McDuffee from Manufacturing Marketing Institute and hear about the risks and rewards of using marketing automation for industrial.

Key takeaways from this informative podcast:

  • What is marketing automation?
  • Why is it different from Constant Contact?
  • How marketing automation gives industrial marketers’ a competitive advantage?
  • Why understanding content saturation is critical for online dominance
  • Why your buyer’s new behavior demands great content?
  • Who should not use marketing automation?

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Industrial Content Marketing: Best Way to Improve Industrial Brand

Over the long term…the best way to improve your industrial brand is by using industrial content marketing.

Brand_strategy_on_black_board.jpgWhen I first meet a customer, one of the most common complaints is, “Tom, we just need more awareness. We have a great product/service, but more people need to be aware of what we do”.

Without hesitation, I say, “Industrial content marketing”

Then the classic, “deer in the headlights” look.

After a brief introduction to content or inbound marketing, I share the following example:

We are doing an industrial content marketing project for a large industrial supplier.  After polishing up their brand theme to communicate their unique capabilities, we deployed a new website and a lot of new content such as, blog posts, premium e-books, etc.  More content, such as webinars, podcasts and videos are to come.

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5 Reasons Marketing Automation for Industrial Must be Deployed

Industrial marketers using marketing automation is still rare. Here are 5 reasons to take another look at marketing automation for industrial.

sherlock_holmes.jpgI guess by Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000 hours of deliberate practice” rule I am a “world-class” industrial internet marketer. Not sure, “world-class” is accurate, but I am confident that I offer more experience than most concerning the best way to leverage the web for industrial branding and lead generation.

Given my knowledge and experience I believe the advent of marketing automation for industrial offers our rust-belted friends a unique opportunity.

The folks that write the checks often ask me, “Tom, name the top business reasons why I should go down the marketing automation road.”

So…after much deliberation and consulting with others knowledgeable about marketing automation for industrial…here you go.

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