Content Marketing’s Bad Stats-Good News for Industrial?

Recent stats say that Industrial content marketing is faltering. Yet, the opportunities have never been better for the savvy industrial marketer.

pile_of_content_crap.jpgI was talking the President of a local B2B manufacturer the other day.  He cited some statistics he read about the effectiveness of content marketing in the B2B space. He said, “Tom, I noticed in a marketing blog that engagement rates for content are really dropping. Does that dampen your enthusiasm for content marketing for industrial?”

My response, “To the contrary.  Tell you what, I have some thoughts about that issue and let me post a blog about that subject this coming week.”

So…here goes.

True, there are some dismal stats concerning B2B content marketing & content marketing for industrial that takes the bloom off  the rose. For example TrackMaven tells us that we are producing more content than ever, but engagement has fallen dramatically.

Content Marketing Institute tells us in 2016-B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing that overall effectiveness of content marketing has lowered this past year.

Here is why I think these stats spell opportunity for the the savvy industrial marketer. My conclusions are based on my own opinions, anecdotal evidence from my knowledge in the industry and research from some of the resources cited above.

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For B2B Lead Generation…It Is ALL SYSTEMS GO

HECO Industrial Services Group takes advantage of the gifts that Google has given them and deploys an inbound marketing strategy with a fresh brand theme…All Systems Go

HECO-All_Systems_Go.jpgEvery now and then, I need to participate in a shameless plug and demonstrate some of the work we are doing on behalf of our customers. We are changing the face of industrial marketing by creating a web-based, growth-driven, lead generating machines.

At The Repp Group, we recently launched a new website for HECO Industrial Services at  Allow me to toot HECO’s horn…and ours.

First, with help from Maxwell and Miller, we pumped up the HECO brand theme.

After exhaustive interviews with the owners, engineers and the sales group, we knew we had to distance HECO from the typical industrial supplier.  HECO sells much more than electric motors. They provide piece of mind on the plant floor by optimizing the performance of the entire electric motor-driven powertrain.

As I have written in several blog posts, industrial suppliers have a wealth of content stuck in their file cabinets and banker boxes.  It was no different at HECO. Continuing our interviews, we found plenty of content in their file cabinets to build a strong brand case…and years’ worth of blog posts. We also found plenty of great content in HECO’s mental “file cabinets”.

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