Is Your Industrial Marketing Missing Double Digit Growth?

Whether you call it knowledge marketing, inbound marketing or content marketing, Bruce McDuffee shows you why you need to practice it.

albert_einsteinBack in the old days, January 2014, I promoted a SlideShare by Bruce McDuffee and said in that blog post, a “top-level strategy and critical changes CEO’s need to make right now.”

I believe the changes Bruce recommends are more urgent than ever.

This past August, Bruce updated his brilliant presentation.

Whether you call it knowledge marketing, content marketing or inbound marketing….I would recommend every industrial marketer, manufacturer or industrial supplier take Bruce’s, sage, advice. Industrial marketing needs to change.

As ‘ol Albert used to say, “Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

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Using HubSpot [Marketing Automation] vs.Traditional Industrial Marketing?

Industrial marketing strategy:The most important question an industrial marketer can ask himself.

marketing_automaton_for_industrialNow…here is the big question for owners and marketers of industrial products.

In the last 3 years, in your personal and professional life, have you ever purchased anything without first checking in with Google? The answer is probably, “Of course, I always check with Google before I make a purchase.”

Then, why doesn’t your sales and marketing content (blogs, emails, spec sheets, how-to’s, ebooks, etc.) greet your prospects and customers when they look for your company’s products in Google & other search engines?

I know the answer.

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The Costs of SEO & Content Marketing for the Industrial Market

Industrial marketers wonder about the costs of SEO vs. content marketing. Content marketing provides a much larger payoff. As long as you have patience

SEO_ResultsNobody knows better than me the cost of a website and good search engine optimization (SEO)  I founded  Market Pipeline, in 2006, a web development company to address a critical need in the marketing departments of mid-size B2B manufacturers and industrial suppliers.

We jumped in early to the search engine optimization (SEO) game. We built many websites and optimized them with customers’ critical keywords. We heard kudos from many customers saying things like, “You have done more to help our marketing than any other effort in the history of our company.”  Kudos to the web also.

Boy, did we think we were hot stuff.

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Content Marketing Requires Failure for the Industrial Marketer

Content marketing works for the industrial marketer. Your industrial marketing strategy just needs to get over the fear of failure, says Fran Tarkenton

fran_tarkenton-content_marketingWhile eating my traditional oatmeal and downing my 2nd cup of coffee, I noticed Fran Tarkenton speaking about his new book, The Power of FailureSucceeding in the Age of Innovation on Fox News this morning. 

I still have fresh memories of Tarkenton scrabbling from would be tacklers.  Nobody has ever scrambled out of the pocket like Fran Tarkenton. As we watched the Sunday NFL game together, my Father use to say, “Son, if you can learn to scramble like that in business, you will never have a problem.”

I’m still learning.

I also have wonderful memories of a presentation I attended where Fran spoke about the power of failure over 15 years ago. I still have notes from that presentation, as it was one of my favorites.

Yes, we all have failures. Fran has always believed, according to my notes, we need to be more open about our failures, particularly as the pace of innovation accelerates.

Most of us fear failure, disown it, deny it, or simply try to ignore it. What we should be doing is talking about it, exploring it, embracing it, and squeezing out of it every priceless insight it offers.”

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Is HubSpot the Gold Standard for Connecting Your Content Marketing Assets?

Content Marketing for Industrial Marketers? You Bet. HubSpot is the “Gold Standard” for Marketing Automation to Manage All That Great Content

marketing automation for the industrial marketerContent marketing will soon become the standard for your industrial marketing strategy.

Three huge hurdles await the bold & brave.

  • There must be buy-in from the owner/CEO. If the folks at the top do not understand content marketing and are not fully behind this effort, it will fail. Do not doubt me.
  • Most mid-size industrial companies lack the creative copywriting skills. If you throw crappy content on the web…it will not resonate. It will not work. Google knows if your prospects and customers consume your content, so create high quality, helpful content.
  • If you get the first two right, you need to manage your content assets with a marketing automation platform.  Go ahead and try to cobble together a marketing platform using all the free stuff on the web to manage your email marketing, your blog publishing, social media monitoring, etc., etc.  Knock yourself out.

On the other hand, if you are a smart industrial marketer, and want to do content marketing well, you will invest in marketing automation. There are a lot out there and I have written extensively about them:

Which Marketing Automation Platform is Best for Industrial Marketing

Google Analytics or HubSpot for Industrial Marketers?

Is Marketing Automation Worth It?…9 Business Reasons Why Industrial Marketers Must Embrace It.

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3 Blogs Show You How to Extend Your Industrial Brand

Confused about industrial blogging? Wondering if your industrial blog can improve your industrial brand strategy? Check out 3 success stories

blogging-57_percent_get_customersYour industrial marketing strategy is replete with tons of new digital options and opportunities. It truly makes your head spin.

To extend your brand strategy, first start with your industrial blog.

Way, way back in 2013 I wrote a blog post about Indium Corporation  and how they leverage their blog to promote their brand. At the time their primary brand theme was, “From One Engineer to Another”. What better way to connect with your prospects and truly deliver on the brand message than blogging and engaging with your engineering customer base. I personally talked to Anita Brown, Marketing Communications Manager, at Indium to validate the positive results I had heard and read.

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FREE Download: The Essentials of Industrial Marketing, The Inbound Way

Inbound marketing is now essential for industrial marketing Learn how to integrate traditional marketing tactics with the new digital channels

inbound_marketing-not_everyone_gets_it-v2Of course, many traditional channels still work for industrial marketing. But new channels are emerging that traditional industrial marketers cannot afford to ignore

Human nature and common sense tells us if we are to make big changes, we should start small. We should also ensure we have some quick wins to validate our altered behavior.

Download: The Essential Guide to Industrial Marketing…The Inbound Way to get started on the right foot. Integrate many of your traditional marketing efforts with more effective digital channels.

The Essentials of Industrial Marketing, the Inbound Way

DOWNLOAD NOW:  The Essential Guide to Industrial Marketing…The Inbound Way

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Your Industrial Marketing Strategy. Outsourced or In House?

Industrial marketers are plagued with the question: Do I outsource my industrial content marketing tasks or bring it in house? Try a hybrid approach

industrial content marketingAs digital disruption engulfs many industrial marketing departments, they struggle with…what to do?

“Should we go in house or outsource our content and digital marketing”?

There is no easy answer.  In fact, the whole content and digital marketing onslaught is happening so fast I’m not sure anyone has the right answer. The successful marketers are finding their own successful formulas with a hybrid approach.

One thing I do know, all industrial marketers need to get started with a digital, industrial marketing strategy to find their own way.

For virtually every industrial client I work with, all will need to outsource much of their digital marketing to maintain online relevance. They simply do not have the in house skills to mount a successful online branding & lead generation effort.  Frankly, most still do not even know the right questions to ask or the right people to hire.

I recommend a hybrid approach to content and digital marketing success.

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